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NCR Silver is a powerful and affordable iPad POS that turns your point of sale into an easy-to-use business and marketing tool and sales reporting engine. And when you need a helping hand, NCR has you covered with 7-day customer care support.

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Hardware Options
You can always try NCR Silver without our hardware but these options
will enhance your experience.

NCR Silver™ Register Bundle
Everything you need to turn your iPad into a POS register, including:

  • NCR Swivel Stand for iPad®
  • Credit Card Reader for NCR Silver™
  • Cash Drawer for NCR Silver™
  • Countertop Receipt Printer for NCR Silver™


Countertop Receipt Printer for NCR Silver™
The Countertop Receipt Printer offers easy paper loading, fast printing, and iPad-to-printer network connectivity. Can also be used for Kitchen/Prep area receipt printing. Connect printer to your wireless router directly through the provided Ethernet cable, or directly to your iPad via Bluetooth connection.

$285 (included in the NCR Silver™ Register Bundle)

Cash Drawer for NCR Silver™
Increase the effectiveness of your workstation with a sturdy and rugged Cash Drawer. This 16" cash drawer features reliable and durable drawers with high security locking. The removable till allows cash to be taken from the sales floor to a more secure location for counting and creating bank deposits.

$109 (included in the NCR Silver™ Register Bundle)

NCR Swivel Stand for iPad®
The perfect stand for your iPad 2 or newer. Securely holds your iPad while giving you the freedom to rotate the device 360 degrees. Tilt screen in either direction to easily ring up sales or capture customer signatures. The iPad stand is a sturdy steel frame that is strong enough to stand on its own or permanently attach to your counter. It includes a magnetized bottom for a secure attachment to your cash drawer with no hardware necessary. (iPad not included. Does not support iPad mini)

$99 (included in the NCR Silver™ Register Bundle)

Cordless Bar Code Scanner for NCR Silver™
This bar code scanner uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect to your iPad®, iPhone® or iPod touch®. Bar code scanning helps speed up the checkout process and offers you the ability to easily sell and report at the item level. If you forget to setup a bar code with an item, NCR Silver will lead you through the process of adding a bar code or new item directly on the POS when you scan a bar code not on file.


Credit Card Reader for NCR Silver™
Leverage the power of your iPad®, iPhone® or iPod touch® at any time without the worries of handling or storing sensitive credit card data. This is a secure card reader that delivers end-to-end encryption of card data to maximize data protection and prevent the use of counterfeit cards.

$0 (included in the NCR Silver™ Register Bundle)

80mm Standard Printer Roll Kit for NCR Silver™
For use in the Countertop Receipt Printer for NCR Silver™. Kit includes 24 thermal rolls 80mm x 230' and one thermal print head cleaning card which should be used regularly to maintain your receipt quality.


Mobile Receipt Printer for NCR Silver™
Use Bluetooth technology to print receipts from anywhere with the Mobile Receipt Printer. This printer's compact size allows for easy transport to wherever you do business whether that is in your store or away from your store.


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