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NCR Silver offers unmatched support, simplified point-of-sale technology and a no-compromise commitment to helping you succeed
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Silver Concierge Will Put Time Back in Your Day

With text-to-talk technical support available 24/7, replacing hardware is a cinch.

Far More Than a Card Reader

NCR Silver gives you the power to manage your business anywhere you want to go and will scale as big as you want to grow
  • Ditch the punch cards

    Nobody likes those things. With NCR Silver, loyalty is integrated — meaning instant discounts at the point-of-sale.

  • Simplify your marketing

    Since customer information can be quickly collected during transactions, you can send "thank you" and promotional emails from your back office.

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    Work less managing labor

    It's easy to manage your employees, thanks to payroll integration, cash tip reporting, clock-out summaries and more.

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    Know what's hot

    Easily manage your inventory, see in-depth sales reports on the go and track the movement of goods down to the finest detail.

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One Family You Can Get Along With

You can choose which processor, hardware, app and add-ons are best for your needs
  • Hardware

    Use NCR Silver on an iOS device or on the NCR Silver Quantum. Also available: Wireless printer, EMV reader and more.

  • NCR Silver apps

    While NCR Silver can handle many requirements for a diverse array of merchants, NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition was built for the unique demands of restaurateurs.

  • Add-on services

    Plan like a pro with Silver Console and supercharge your point-of-sale experience with other optional accounting, payroll and add-on services.

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Point-of-sale for multi-store business.
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"While some vendors make technology deployment a tedious process, NCR Silver has worked with us from day one to ensure we gain the most from our investment."

- Mike Howard, Waffle House

Where Small Business Thrives

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“With the amount of inventory we have, we found NCR Silver to be most compatible of the POS systems we looked at.”

Vanessa Gochnour, NOOCH Vegan Market

Why This Juice Shop Chose NCR Silver

With integrated email marketing, sending updates and discounts to customers is now a breeze.

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