10 Facebook Tips to Increase Engagement on Your Small Business Page

Learning how to use Facebook's many resources will help you boost your company's visibility and bottom line.
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If your goal is to attract new customers on Facebook, posting daily isn’t enough. (Photo: x9626/Shutterstock)

Facebook is a powerful platform to market your business, but the landscape is constantly evolving. If your goal is to attract new customers and engage current ones, posting daily isn’t enough.

These expert tips can help you get the most out of Facebook’s many resources.

1. Publish posts in multiple places

Don’t fall into the trap of posting only on your business page.

“Publish posts on both your business page and in relevant groups, such as your community’s business page where potential customers seek recommendations and information,” Mark Schmukler, who leads brand strategy and business development at Sagefrog Marketing Group, said.

2. Use Facebook insights

Facebook Insights helps you determine which posts have been most popular among your audience and allows you to continue to do more of what is working.

“These insights include the best days of the week and times of day to post as well as which type of content worked best,” Schmukler said.

Find out how to use Facebook Insights here.

3. Link to your other social media platforms

If you maintain a presence on multiple social media platforms, cross­promote the channels by linking from one to another. For example, “Publish a tweet on Twitter that links back to your company’s Facebook page,” Schmukler said.

4. Include social media buttons on your website

Ensure your website includes social sharing buttons, and display them in a prominent place.

“Social sharing buttons encourage customers to share and promote your content, product or services,” Schmukler said.

5. Leverage your blog and emails: More ways to share

If you have a blog or use an email newsletter service, publish and share content on why your company’s Facebook page is valuable.

“It’s where your customers will find the latest and most up­to­date news; for example, you can host a giveaway contest in which the entry fee is simply ‘liking’ your Facebook page,” Schmukler said.

6. Use visuals to your advantage

Although content is key, visual images are equally important. Your cover image and profile picture should be compelling and make people click.

“Be sure to also include a picture with your Facebook posts. This increases impressions, engagement and the likelihood of the post being shared.”

7. Use the 80/20 rule

Utilize the 80/20 rule, in which 80% of your Facebook content is helpful, industry news or trends – while the remaining 20% is self-­promotional.

“The 80/20 rule is effective because in order to attract and retain an audience, a business needs to provide content that is aimed at keeping followers engaged and interested in your topic, rather than consistently hitting them with an online sales pitch,” Schmukler said.

This concept has to do with reaching each of your customers at a certain stage in the buyer’s journey. For example, only users who are looking to make a purchase decision really care about your product or service and how it’s better or different than another company’s product or service.

“Most of your followers may not be there yet. They may just be clicking around, tossing around the idea of buying a new product or service. Making your feed overly self-promotional is boring and not engaging to the rest of the crowd, and will result in a loss of interest. This ultimately results in a loss of followers,” Schmukler said.

8. Be active in Facebook groups

Small businesses should use Facebook groups to build relationships and offer helpful information, rather than simply hard-­selling their product.

“It’s also important to only join and post in groups that are highly relevant to your offering or locale,” Schmukler said.

9. Fine-­tune your Facebook posts

Writing good content is always important, and that includes the content of your Facebook posts. Schmukler offers these helpful tips to improve your posts:

● Include a call­to­action on every post, whether it’s for readers to share their thoughts on the subject in the comments below, share the post with their followers, or simply learn more by clicking on the link.

● Post on the right days and times. Schmukler said the best times to post include Wednesday through Friday, mid­ to late afternoons, and early afternoon on Saturdays.

● Tap into Facebook­sponsored posts to best reach your target audience.

● Include a few hashtags in your post. Schmukler prefers to use no more than three to avoid cluttering the post, especially if there is a national observance or special topic that is trending.

10. Use Facebook professional services
Using Facebook Professional Services to boost visibility for local customers can also help your small business, Schmukler said.

● Always choose the correct category and subcategory for your business.

● Enable customers to check­in, use star­ratings and provide multiple contact options.

● Encourage your customers to visit Facebook Professional Services by sending them a link after they have utilized your services or helping them access the page before they leave.

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