4 Business Skills That Can Transform Your Love Life

Approach dating with same passion as you do your career.
Flirting couple
Your tendency for focus as a small business owner may actually come in handy when it comes to dating. (Photo: mauro_grigollo/Shutterstock)

Maintaining both a successful small business and a thriving personal life can be challenging. More often than not entrepreneurs would rather focus on work than pleasure. But what if the same admirable traits you possess in business can also help stimulate your love life?

We talked to Barbara Katz, an interpersonal communication specialist and co­-founder of ConnectInc and Flirt Factor, on how managing relationships and business often requires similar skills and characteristics.

Passion and courage

All entrepreneurs share an inner drive to take their vision and make it reality.

It’s a drive that is ignited by passion, and incorporating that same passion into your love life “can make everything so much more alive and vivid,” Katz said. “Additionally, having the courage to take risks and show more emotion can have unexpected and wonderful outcomes. Sharing more of yourself gives others permission to do the same and creates deeper bonds and connections.”


As a small business owner, you know that in order to succeed, you must stay laser focused.

That same precision can be used in your dating life by “truly being ‘present’ with your loved one and spending quality time together and rediscovering your other interests outside of work,” Katz said. “Unplugging from your business and recharging your batteries on a regular basis is vital for your well­-being. And as a bonus, it’s amazing what new insights and ideas can come to you when you are in a more relaxed, non-business frame of mind.”


As an entrepreneur, you automatically view the world differently.

“Where others see obstacles, you see opportunities,” Katz said.

Life for you isn’t linear or black and white, but rather a winding path of vibrant colors that’s filled with option and possibilities.

“Using this gift of creativity can sweeten the experience when planning a date or a special outing,” Katz said. “How can you make the date a unique and memorable adventure? How can you put a new spin on things and do something different? Are there people in your network of business contacts with unusual or interesting products and services that might make a date something out of the ordinary? You and your date would have an amazing time and also support those in your business circle.”


As a small business owner, you possess a high level of confidence of yourself and your talents; otherwise, your business wouldn’t survive.

To the outside world, one might assume that confidence would automatically translate to your love life, but as Katz said, “Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily the case, and it can stay at the office once you close the door to go home. It’s like you revert back to your ‘high school self’ with all your fears and insecurities.”

To combat those doubts, Katz suggested that when in a social situation, consider viewing a potential match as a potential client.

“Simply shift your perspective off yourself and focus on the other person. Get out of your head, put your hand up and say, ‘Hello.’”

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