4 Ways to Boost Sales This Father’s Day

The way to Dad's heart is by focusing your marketing efforts on mothers and kids.
Include children in Father's Day gifts by marketing items that promote spending family time together. (Photo: George Rudy/Shutterstock)

When you own a small business, you’re always looking for opportunities to incentivize customers to visit your store. With Father’s Day right around the corner, now is a great time to start promoting specials that can bring you more business this June.


“Gifts that are interactive and encourage quality time together — such as building sets (whether model airplanes, garden sets or more) — are among some to consider.” -Nicole Reyhle (Photo: Nicole Reyhle)

According to the National Retail Federation, 77 percent of consumers celebrate the holiday. In 2017, total spending on Father’s Day was estimated to reach $15.5 billion, with gifts ranging from gift cards and clothing to electronics and fun family experiences.

For ideas on how small businesses can cash in on Father’s Day festivities, NCR Silver talked to Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, founder and publisher of Retail Minded and author of “Retail 101: The Guide to Managing and Marketing Your Retail Business.” She shared the following tips for increasing visibility and boosting sales around this holiday.

Market to the gift giver

“Anytime a small business plans for a holiday promotion — such as Father’s Day — it’s important to keep the buyer in mind,” advised Reyhle.

While most Father’s Day shoppers will be mothers and children, this can still be a very diverse group, ranging from new and expecting moms buying for their husband to mature mothers and adult children. Buyers will also vary based on your store’s unique audience and local market, she said.

“Keep these details in mind as you plan for Father’s Day marketing strategies and inventory buying so that you can ensure you gain sales from these specific buyers.”

For instance, if you wanted to target mothers with young kids, consider hosting a “Mom’s Night Out” at your store, where mothers can mix, mingle and shop for Dad at the same time.

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Include the kids

Another way to boost sales for your small business is by offering gifts and promotions that promote family values and engage both Dads and their children.

“Let’s face it: Father’s Day simply wouldn’t exist without kiddos,” said Reyhle. “Gifts that are interactive and encourage quality time together — such as building sets (whether model airplanes, garden sets or more) — are among some to consider.”

Remember, every dad has his own personality, so be sure to include a variety of options in your gift selection, she added.

“Some Dad’s may appreciate gifts they can enjoy on their own, as well, such as grilling sets or new tools. By offering variety you are more likely to capture consumer dollars.”

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Appeal to shoppers’ selfish sides


Including the shopper, or other family members, in the Father’s Day bargain is a great way to boost sales. (Photo: Tania Kolinko/Shutterstock)

While people like to show their appreciation for loved ones with a gift, most shoppers also love getting a bargain. One way to increase Father’s Day sales is by creating promotions that bundle gifts with an appeal to shoppers’ selfish sides.

“A ‘One for Him, One For You’ sale is a great way to encourage multiple purchases, for example,” said Reyhle. “Offer 10 percent off a second purchase of something from your store to help increase multiple units per sale while also letting your customers feel okay about buying themselves a little something this Father’s Day, as well. After all, it takes two to tango!”

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Go above and beyond

Dads aren’t always the easiest to buy for, so find ways to make shopping for a Father’s Day gift as easy for the buyer as possible.

“Gift givers, in particular, want to find both ease from businesses they buy from for dads, as well as products or services they are confident their favorite dads will appreciate,” said Reyhle.

For example, offering complimentary gift wrapping can be a big draw for busy moms who are shopping while juggling young kids. Or, provide a gift guide of your store’s “Top 10 Gifts for Dad” to help them more easily choose the perfect present.

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Regardless of how you choose to help your customers celebrate Father’s Day, remember to put dads first, and do everything you can to support buyers looking to indulge in a celebration sure to make any father proud.

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