5 Ways Your Business Can Support #Movember

Has your small business embraced the power of the Mo?
To help get you started, the Movember Foundation website has a page dedicated to moustache style and grooming. (Photos: Shutterstock)

During the month of November, you may notice more facial hair creeping along the upper lips of your customers. Don’t fear: This increase in facial furniture serves a worthy cause — increasing awareness and raising funds for men’s health.


With the support of small businesses, [Movember] can continue to engage new audiences everywhere and together make a substantial impact on men’s health.” – JJ Owen (Photo: JJ Owen)

If you aren’t familiar with Movember, it started in Australia in 2003, when two buddies challenged each other to grow moustaches over the month of November. The “power of the Mo” as a conversation starter quickly became apparent and morphed this fun challenge into a not-for-profit opportunity.

The Movember Foundation is the only global charity focused solely on men’s health, addressing some of the biggest men’s health issues, including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health problems and suicide.

JJ Owen, director of development at Movember, reported that since the group’s humble beginnings 13 years ago, the Foundation has raised “ more than $710 million and helped fund over 1,200 breakthrough men’s health projects in 21 countries.”

While awareness and fundraising activities are year-round, the annual Movember campaign in November is recognized worldwide as a fun way to raise awareness and inspire men to take action for their health. Anyone can participate, whether they’re able to grow a moustache or not. In fact, more than 5 million “Mo Bros and Mo Sistas” support the movement.

As a small business owner, you have some unique opportunities to participate (and take advantage of) Movember.

Grow a Mo

Participate in the Movember challenge by growing your own moustache and challenging your employees to do the same. If you have a policy against facial hair, consider a waiver for the month of November in return for a donation.

If you need inspiration, the foundation has a dedicated Moustachery page with tips on how to grow a Mo, a history lesson on moustaches and tips and tricks for grooming and styling.

If you can’t grow a Mo, don’t worry. Women, children and the “follicly challenged” can participate in Movember by supporting a grower, wearing a fake ‘stache or wearing Mo-themed accessories.

Have Mo teamwork

On the Movember site, create a team for your business and invite employees and customers to participate. These Mo Space Pages are a great place to send people to submit donations directly to the foundation, and you can also have a leaderboard for some friendly fundraising (or Mo-growing) competition.

Owen said PepsiCo is a great role model for businesses that want to start a team. “The most impressive thing about Pepsi is that it is all employee led,” he shared. “Their global employee lead successfully gets coworkers to donate their time and upper lips to get thousands of PepsiCo employees across 14 countries to participate in Movember. It just goes to show that some passionate leaders, a little bit of a game plan and a global platform can go a long way.”

Host Mo events

What’s more fun than a moustache? A moustache party! One of the ways the Movember Foundation suggests getting involved is to host an event. Have an open mic or Mo Trivia night where a percentage of your sales are donated. If you have a barbershop or salon, offer free moustache trims during November or host a “shave down” party at the end of the month to celebrate a successful campaign.

Do Mo marketing

If you’re supporting Movember, talk about it. Use moustaches in your November social media. Create a coupon that gives a percentage of purchase proceeds to the foundation. Offer discounts or freebies to customers participating in Movember or who make a donation at checkout. The purpose of Movember is to start conversations about men’s health, so work it into your messaging to show your support.

Be Mo creative

How you participate in Movember will depend greatly upon your industry and clientele, so be creative and don’t limit your ideas to just facial hair. Consider donation matching for your employees, or donate a percentage of all your November sales to the foundation. You can also sell Mo raffle tickets for one of your products or services.

Whatever you do to support Movember, have fun. “With the support of small businesses,” said Owen, “we can continue to engage new audiences everywhere and together make a substantial impact on men’s health.”

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