6 Easy Steps to a Winning Marketing Campaign with NCR Silver

Running and marketing a worthwhile promotion using NCR Silver is simple. That’s because you can detect what inventory needs to go, and subsequently set up and market a deal right from the back office.

Here are six steps to quickly engage your customers on special occasions, and boost profits for your small business, even at the very last minute.

1. Decide what to promote

Quickly review your sales dashboard in the back office to get a feel for what products are selling and which aren’t – it should take less than 10 minutes.

You might notice a category of items that don’t sell. Or, if you run a restaurant, maybe you want to sell more of a menu item that’s expiring soon (add on NCR Console for ingredient-level tracking!). Whatever it is, it’s a good idea to find something that’s costing you money on your shelves.

2. Set up event-based pricing

Next, define when the promotion or event is to occur. Designate each of the items subject to the special pricing and the price at which you wish to sell the item.

NCR Silver gives you the option to establish special pricing for use during a specific day of the week, such as every Saturday, or for a specific date range, like the month of May.

The system even allows you to create a ranking for concurrent events that apply to the same item.

3. Create an email campaign

Once you’ve set the promotion, it’s time to use NCR Silver’s Bulk Email feature to broadcast the event or special offer to your customer base.

NCR Silver provides email templates at no additional cost. Once created, you can send a message to all of your customers, or to a specific customer category.

Pro tip: It pays to grow your customer email list. NCR Silver stores customer sales history so you can create VIPS and segment your base for email marketing. If you choose to market to a subset of customers based on similar tastes and routines, you can adjust your approach and create a more focused promotion that’s sure to get their attention.

4. Alert your employees

Once the campaign is set up, you’ll want to let your employees know about it so they can remind shoppers in store.

NCR Silver’s POS messaging allows you to communicate across locations in real time. So the day of, or every day leading up to the promotion, you can push a short note to employees reminding them of the deal when they clock in. Or, if you’ve added on NCR Console, you can send them a reminder when you email or text schedules.

5. Add the promotion to your receipts

Did you know that you can choose to create a custom receipt to email to customers, in lieu of a printed receipt? This type of email message is a great way to get the word out about upcoming specials.
You can also choose to add a message to the footer of printed receipts, so customers have a reminder to come back to your store and take advantage of the deal.

6. Share on social media

Don’t stop there! Boost your promotion’s reach by posting it to your business’ Facebook page. Social sharing is fully integrated with NCR Silver, and you can auto-post bulk email-marketing campaigns with just one click to instantly expand your reach.

Facebook even provides a “When Your Fans Are Online” graph to help businesses optimize their posting schedule, so you’ll know when your fans are more likely to see it.

If you follow the six simple steps, you’ll get the maximum value out of NCR Silver and can promote your small business in confidence knowing you’re on your way to boosting profits.

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