Six Ways NCR Silver Makes Employee Management a Breeze

Help Me Silver! Tip No. 6

Have you had enough of mysterious price overrides? Inconsistent timecards? Care to know if employees are giving their friends inappropriate discounts?

In the age of tablet point-of-sale systems, it’s easy for employees to accidentally forget to clock out or purposefully attempt to get over in your absence.

If you operate multiple sites, it can be even more difficult to get a handle on your workforce.

But what if you had an easier way to manage and monitor employee activity?

NCR Silver offers a modern way to oversee staff, and even integrates with third-party apps to create an even greater employee management system. Here’s how it works.

Employees clock in at the POSlogin2

Employees record their work time with the clock-in and clock-out screen at the POS. You can then use the back office to view total hours worked and correct missing time punches.

Set employee access

With NCR Silver, employees are created and managed in the back office. Managers can assign user roles to control various levels of access to specific features, functions and even devices.

When an employee attempts to access a feature that is not included in their user role, the login screen will appear, prompting for the PIN of a user who does have the feature access before continuing.

In the back office, if he/she does not have access to specific functions, the feature will be hidden from view.

You can tie an employee to each transaction by requiring pin entry for every transaction. Since multiple employees can work out of the same drawer, requiring PIN entry allows you to track specific employee’s activity. It also makes it easier to limit unapproved discounts, price overrides, voids and more.

User roles can be changed at any point by a user with the proper access.

Track shifts from anywhere

What are your employees doing all day while you’re away? NCR Silver’s reports allow you to see employee activity in full detail.  Simply log in to see any shift’s status up to the minute, along with operational and financial activity.

When it’s time to close, cash tip reporting prompts employees to declare customers’ tips. This feature helps your merchants ensure servers and other tip-­receiving employees are properly reporting income.

You can even get alerts that inform you of over/short amounts before closing a shift fully.

As an added level of protection, users cannot edit a shift once it is completely closed to prevent cash mishandling and fraud.

Analyze labor costs

NCR Silver allows you to control costs with insight into what’s going on with shift trends.

Add Console and enjoy even more employee-focused reports. Use its forecasted labor costs during scheduling to manage future budgets. Incorporate week-to-date, month-to-date and year-over-year metrics to get even greater detailed insight. Set labor goals and measure your performance against that.

Communicate directly

If you want to communicate with employees at one or multiple stores, NCR Silver offers options for informing them about current promotions, schedule changes and more.

You can communicate across locations in real time by using POS messaging. Choose to push short notes to employees, or even text and email schedules with Console.

Seamlessly export payroll

If you use Paychex or other third-party systems, you can export time clock reports. This makes it easy to import employee hours using any required format for payroll processing.

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