Arctic White is Here for iPad POS Stands and EMV Hardware

Looking for the hottest new color for your POS system? Give arctic white a try.

For a clean, modern look, your store or restaurant has this new color option for the NCR Silver iPad stand, EMV stand and EMV reader.

ncr-253 v2

NCR Silver iPad point of sale in arctic white.

iPad Stand
Pair a white stand with a black iPad for some contrast, or a white iPad for a seamless look.

The stand can be positioned at a glare-free angle. The strong magnetic base also attaches securely to a cash drawer. Plus, the durable construction allows it to be bolted down if that’s your thing.

Rotate your device 360 degrees to face you or the customer. If you want to bring the transaction to the floor, no worries: Your iPad can be taken out in a snap.

Form, function and flexibility to boot.

EMV reader


NCR Silver EMV reader and stand in arctic white.

Looking to take chip payments?

Now you can in black, or white.

Thanks to its compact design and wireless connectivity, you can process transactions anywhere. You’ll even be ready to receive contactless payments, like Apple Pay.

EMV Stand
Unlike other EMV stands, the sturdy NCR Silver EMV stand is actually designed to withstand the rigors of real environments.

Mount the stand to your counter for an added layer of security, and enjoy the benefits of a stable base built to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

Bulletproof, and beautiful.

Order your arctic white NCR Silver hardware today at 877.630.9711. Supplies are limited.

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