Are You Silver Fit? Find Out and Get Free Access to CimpleBox!

Silver Fitness Challenge

You have resolutions for your business.

Things like making more money. And getting more customers.

But what about the steps that lead to those goals? Like improving your marketing efforts? And saving time on administrative duties? Or having actionable data around sales, employees and inventory?

That’s why we launched the Silver Fitness Challenge. With this challenge’s interactive content, you can track your own business’ fitness concerning elements like loyalty programs, employee fraud and more.

Silver Fitness Challenge details

The campaign is open to everyone. But we’ll also track the progress of six NCR Silver point-of-sale customers and will tell their stories over the next few months. If you’d like to be one of those six participants, let us know at

What do those six lucky participants get?

  1. Six months of select free access to CimpleBox, a new Web-based add-on service for NCR Silver*.
  2. A one-on-one assessment and follow-up of your technology fitness.
  3. A double-secret bonus item!

Everyone else benefits too. Take our survey, which we’ll be sending out via email, and you’ll have exclusive access to tailored lessons on advanced functionality to make your business more fit.

CimpleBox: Plan like a pro

CimpleBox provides merchants with three optional modules including Advanced Reporting, Employee Management and Inventory Management, in one dashboard.

What can CimpleBox help you with?

  • Know your business. With an integrated calendar, sales intelligence down to the finest detail, and automated forecasting, you’ll have comprehensive reporting at your fingertips. Sit back and let CimpleBox deliver the data you need.
  • Slash labor costs. Managing your servers and other employees is now a breeze, thanks to auto-scheduling, integrated texting, shift swapping and sales reports. With CimpleBox, you can finally ditch those spreadsheets!
  • Move more inventory. When you have in-depth data on your product mix, you can better manage your stock and forecast with ease. CimpleBox will help you take the “guess” out of work.

Are you #SilverFit? Take the Silver Fitness Challenge, and you’ll find out.

To be one of the six profiled participants in the Silver Fitness Challenge, contact NCR Silver at by Feb. 12. 

*Read the terms and conditions of the Silver Fitness Challenge right here

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