Bakery Point of Sale

Is Mobility Missing on Your Bakery’s Menu?

Keep lines short and sales sweet as you take mobile orders with your NCR Silver tablet point-of-sale system
  • NCR Silver is easy to learn

    Since NCR Silver was built to be intuitive, employees can be trained on the POS system in no time.

  • Analyze bakery expenses

    In-depth data and employee management give you a better handle on what you're spending.

  • Never worry about downtime

    With Offline Credit enabled, you can take transactions even when your processor or Internet is down.

Dough at a bakery.
Basket of bread at a bakery.
Baker holding donuts in a bakery.

Baking is Hard, Using NCR Silver is a Piece of Cake

Thanks to 24-hour customer support and monthly menu maintenance, you can focus on far more delicious things than messing with your back office. Here are some other NCR Silver treats:
  • Reporting icon.
    Robust reporting

    Easily keep inventory up to date and know what's hot with automated sales trends.

  • Email icon
    Email marketing

    Announce special events and send deals to keep customers coming back for more.

  • Cloud computing icon.
    Cloud-based access

    Get real-time sales and employee reports from anywhere with any Internet-enabled device.

  • Tablet icon
    Mobile transactions

    Bust lines by taking your tablet POS system out from behind the counter to the floor.

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Meet the NCR Silver Family

Your bakery has a bounty of hardware and software options
  • Hardware

    NCR Silver is available on iOS devices or the Android-based Silver Register POS system. Also available: Wireless printers, EMV readers and more.

  • NCR Silver apps

    While NCR Silver works for a wide variety of merchants, NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition offers advanced functionality for restaurateurs.

  • Add-on services

    Plan like a pro with Silver Console and supercharge your experience with accounting, payroll, marketing and other integrated add-on services.

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