Behind the Scenes: Dr. T Pott’s Tea Shop Video Shoot

Dr. T Pott’s Tea Shop uses NCR Console to make sure inventory is maximized, to ensure seamless shift scheduling, and to even predict the weather.

See how in an upcoming video. In the meantime, please do enjoy our behind the scenes photo essay.

Special thanks to American Tea Room. This Los Angeles-based business loaned us the site to shoot at.

Dr. T's Tea Shop uses NCR Console.

Dr. T, the proprietor of Dr. T’s Tea Shop, played by Los Angeles actor Circus Szalewski.

NCR Console Dr. T video shoot

Dr. T’s apathetic employee, Punk Girl, is played by actress Angela Jaymes. The assistant to her right is using NCR Console to check sales data. It’s interesting to note what goes on out of the camera’s eye, including these wood boxes to raise props.

Actress Angela Jaymes in NCR Console video shoot

Before NCR Console, Dr. T’s Tea Shop didn’t know what wasn’t selling, such as this limited edition Mr. Tea Rex t-shirt.

NCR Silver POS app on iPad

In addition to NCR Console, Dr. T’s Tea Shop uses the NCR Silver point-of-sale app on iPad.

A lab assistant checks NCR Console. What’s in those beakers, anyway?

Director Zach Wechter sharing his vision with a crew member (right) and cast.

Dr. T’s lab assistants performing an experiment.

Lab assistants in-between takes.

This lab assistant, emerging out of the mysterious red room, is about to replace another lab assistant, thanks to NCR Console shift schedule texting.

NCR Console employee management

After receiving his shift schedule via text, Lab Assistant B effortlessly replaces Lab Assistant A … without spilling a drop of tea (well, at least in the final take).

Hair and makeup are essential!

Getting prepped. Bowties have a bad habit of getting crooked.

NCR's Justin Rubner, Natasha Toney, Steve Kim

The NCR crew on set.

Director Zach Wechter directing NCR Console video

Zach Wechter directing the flashback scene.

Craft services serves up some mean al pastor tacos.

American Tea Room is located in Los Angeles’ art district. Get a pot of oolong if you find yourself there.

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