Best Practices to Protect Your Tablet POS System

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As your small business grows, more employees will have access to financial transactions, privileged communication and other pertinent information being stored online.

If your iPad is lost or stolen, the potential for even more prying eyes comes into play.

The accessibility of your business’ vital information via your POS system comes with serious security risks. Safeguards combined with a strong company policy on what to do if your iPad is lost, stolen or compromised are the first lines of defense to protecting confidential information.

Protect your iPad as much as possible while using the NCR Silver POS solution by setting it up the right way, right away.

Setup for success

Start off on the right foot by equipping your POS system with an iPad lock or stand, which secures the iPad from theft.

From iPad cable locks to secure locking stands, you have many options. Your choice should depend on your version of iPad, counter space, security requirements and whether you are using our EMV or MSR device.

Secondly, engrave a serial number on the back of the iPad or attach a theft deterrent sticker, which tracks stolen devices.

Need more recommendations? Here are some quick fixes.

Nothing works right since Apple update.

Like NCR Silver, Apple is always providing upgrades to its operating system. Unfortunately, both are not on the same update schedule.

It’s important that you turn off automatic upgrades and contact NCR SMB Customer Care whenever you are prompted for a software update. Our team will let you know if the latest releases are compatible.

If you are utilizing an MDM or Apple Configurator-based system, we recommend following Apple’s latest guidelines (found on pages 50-55).

My printer isn’t working.

Sometimes when your internet connection drops, it will automatically connect to the next best network. However if this happens, you will see issues with printing if you use a direct hard wire or Wi-Fi connection.

In order for NCR Silver to function as efficiently as possible, turn off automatic change networks.

My staff has changed.

The most secure POS system in the world won’t matter much if someone gets ahold of one of your employee’s passwords.  Or worse, a disgruntled former employee still has login credentials.

If you have a team member that is terminated or leaves the company, delete the user from the back office for both the back office and/or POS access. If this is not done, the user can access the back office from any computer, as well as the iPad if they come into possession of it.

Get into the habit of resetting all passwords (including iTunes) whenever there is a staff change, and keep your user list as up to date as the names on your time clock.

My iPad has gone missing.

If you can’t locate your iPad, immediately have your administrator deactivate your device in the Silver Backoffice.

Next, disable and/or remotely erase your device* with Apple’s “Find my iPad” feature, which when enabled allows using your iTunes account login from any computer to identify where the iPad is located.

For this reason, only management level employees should have access to the iTunes account.

Finally, contact NCR Small Business customer care. We will take it from there.

• NOTE: Performing this action erases all data that is on the iPad including all downloaded applications and files and pending transactions which will NOT be recoverable.

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