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Streamline Small Business Taxes with NCR Silver and Paychex

Doing your own taxes can save you money, and for some business owners it pays off. However, in order to do […]

Global Fitness Challenge on at NCR HQ

Can you conquer your health goals in ten weeks? This week, over 400 NCR employees signed up to challenge themselves […]

Miss Kay’s Sweets & Eats Uses NCR Silver to Turn Quick Sales

If you ever watched Duck Dynasty on A&E, then you’ve probably heard of this NCR Silver customer. Small business owner […]

Save Time Managing Payroll with Paychex and NCR Silver

Employee management can quickly become a time suck that takes away from more valuable business activities – like serving customers. […]

How and Why to Set Up Mobile Payments at Your Small Business

While flying cars and robot housekeepers remain a dream, consumers do have one up on George Jetson when it comes […]

Saachi Hair Company Grows Business with NCR Silver

“Saachi is a Hindu name meaning – one who is filled with grace.” At Saachi Hair Company, they fully embrace […]

NCR Silver Eases Operations at Vegan Café & Juice Bar

“A healthy diet is a natural way to improve overall health,” says Godfrey Lewis, owner and founder of Avocado Vegan […]

NCR Console Point-of-Sale Reporting is Your Personal Data Analyst

The information collected at the checkout counter is more than just transactional — it can also help you make better business decisions […]


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