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NCR Console plan like a pro
Video: How Much Time Does Dr. T Pott’s Tea Shop Save with NCR Console?

NCR Console is an add-on service that works with many point of sale systems, including NCR Silver. It offers advanced […]

baby boomer friends playing billiards
How to Market to Baby Boomers and Beyond (and Why You Should)

Marketing to millennials makes perfect sense, since they are now the largest segment of the U.S. population. But don’t get […]

Unionville BBQ Joint Finds Success in the Food Truck Frenzy

Want to increase revenue by adding a food truck to your restaurant? That’s what Hood’s BBQ in Unionville, Pennsylvania, did. […]

NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Now Optimized for Samsung Pay

You have a powerful ally at the point of sale that you may not even be aware of: The ability to offer mobile […]

Behind the Scenes: Dr. T Pott’s Tea Shop Video Shoot

Dr. T Pott’s Tea Shop uses NCR Console to make sure inventory is maximized, to ensure seamless shift scheduling, and […]

6 Easy Steps to a Winning Marketing Campaign with NCR Silver

Running and marketing a worthwhile promotion using NCR Silver is simple. That’s because you can detect what inventory needs to […]

NCR Console now offers overtime alerts
From Overtime to Red Flags, NCR Console Has You Covered

Seeing your employees’ overtime hours after the fact is one thing. But what about having better command and control during […]


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