Boost Sales: Run Promotions with NCR Silver

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If you’re looking to discount specific products to boost sales, it’s easy to set up and apply promotions with the NCR Silver point-of-sale system. That’s because it offers the ability to quickly apply buy-one-get-one promos, dollar-off discounts and more.

Apply discounts PROMOS

You can auto-apply promos at the point of sale with NCR Silver.

Choose to set up promotions by department, category or specific item…and mix and match as you please.

Discount by either a percentage or dollar amount off, and set effective dates. Once it concludes, the option to apply it goes away.

Promote specials

If you want to make sure the word is out about your deals, NCR Silver offers options for informing customers and employees about current promotions.

In order to inform customers, you can send bulk emails for no extra charge with NCR Silver. Contacts are easily added into the system and email templates are included.

Text convoAdditionally, POS messaging facilitates the ability to communicate across locations in real time. Choose to push short notes to employees at all, or select, sites in a cinch.

Track results

Would you like to easily access reports?

NCR Silver’s discounts and promotions report tracks the promo by name, and shows how many exact items were sold using it. The store summary reveals how many times the promo was used.

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