Central Florida’s Revolutionary Off-Road Experience

NCR Silver customer Revolution Off-Road

When it comes to family adventures in Orlando, a certain theme park named after a famous cartoonist comes to mind.

But if you’re looking for something a little … dirtier … then Kevin Jowett has you covered.

Eight years ago, Jowett formed Revolution Off Road, a 230-acre facility that offers guided tours on ATVs, dune buggies and amphibious vehicles. Jowett, a former Brit, got the idea while visiting Florida many years ago.

Today, this NCR Silver customer also offers trophy bass fishing and archery. Revolution Off Road has become so successful that they’re offering the property up for events such as weddings.

(What, you’ve never heard of tying the knot on a “Mucky Duck?”)

“Like many Brits, I first came here as a child and wanted to move here for the sunshine,” Jowett says. “I had a job back in the UK, but years ago, I used to race motor cars. I always had an inkling for motor sports.”

His interest in the business idea was based on more than just a passing hobby. The vehicles he used to race were World Rally Cars and the job he left to pursue his dream for was Commercial Director for Sony PlayStation.

“Due to the volume of people here — many of whom have never gotten to enjoy motor sports — I decided to start this business,” he says. 

When it comes to building an off-road adventure experience, he points to Disney World as both competitor and friend. After all, what would Central Florida be without the iconic resort?

Many customers include local businesses and individuals. But most of his customer base includes visitors.

Kevin Jowett, a former Sony PlayStation executive, has a wild side.

Kevin Jowett, a former Sony PlayStation executive, has a wild side.

“Disney is why we’re here,” Jowett says. “That’s why everyone comes to Orlando.”

Challenges and decisions

Building a business as unique as Revolution Off Road involved far more than just picking which quad to offer.

Permits were a huge challenge, Jowett says. Due to the potential danger, making sure the experience was as safe as possible as well as in compliance with local, state and federal regulations were the first tasks to tackle. Due to the nature of off-roading, safety is huge, and Jowett offers extensive training and safety gear.

Then there’s technology. When Jowett decided a cloud-based platform was needed, he looked at a lot of systems. He ultimately chose NCR Silver on iPad due to seamless Quickbooks integration. He also liked the ability to have one back office that he could check from anywhere.

“With Silver, we can work out of an office and have a satellite on the property and operate it from two places,” Jowett says. “In addition, my accountant wants as much info as possible. We now are able to cover everything for him.”

The Bill’s on Silver

Many businesses struggle with brand awareness — especially small ones — even in an age of digital media.

“We’re on Trip Advisor and Yelp and in tourist guides and magazines,” Jowett says. “Even then, people say ‘My gosh, I love your business, but how long have you been here? I don’t think I’ve heard of you before.”‘

Helping customers spread the word was a huge reason why the The Bill’s on Silver was started.

Revolution Off Road is the fifth businesses participating in this program, which extends the spirit of Small Business Saturday through the end of the year by offering hundreds of dollars of gift vouchers, marketing support and back office help.

NCR Silver representatives will be near the business, located in Clermont, the day after Christmas, handing out vouchers and flyers.

Can’t come Dec. 26? If you don’t mind getting a little dirty, and going off the beaten path, you’d be on the right track with Revolution Off Road any day of the week. You can book your adventure right here.

Does your small business have a good story to tell? Or might you be interested in participating in future promotions like this? If so, give us a shout. 

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