Control Employee Access with NCR Silver Pro Restaurant

Help Me Silver! Tip No. 4: NCR Silver Pro User Roles

Did you know NCR Silver Pro Restaurant offers greater employee control? That’s because you have the ability to decide who can use all functions with NCR Silver. By setting user roles and assigning permissions, you fully customize the access available to each employee based on how you run your business.

Define roles

Easily add user roles for all employees with the NCR Silver POS system.

Easily add user roles for all employees with the NCR Silver POS system.

Would you like to set up customized employee titles and pay rates?

NCR Silver Pro Restaurant gives you the ability to add unlimited user roles. Employees can even log in as more than one role based on their shift.

The size, layout and policies of an operation, as well as the number of employees, determine the user roles you need to create and the access you need to assign to each user role.

Set limits

Would you like to define the access available to all of your employees?

NCR Silver Pro Restaurant users have the ability to grant or limit access to POS functions such as discounts, returns, voids and tip adjustments.

You can also rank user roles that can access the Silver back office, down to the ability to see each screen. This prevents an employee with a lower ranked user role from changing their user role to one with a higher ranking.

Manage labor

Would you like to break down and evaluate sales reporting by employee?

Employee activity and labor shift reports give insight into employee performance by job code, total hours and pay. This gives you the data you need to save money by managing labor costs.

Already an NCR Silver Pro Restaurant user? Here’s more on how to manage user roles.

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