Dreaming Big, Starting Small: A HUGE Week for Entrepreneurship


At NCR Small Business, we know all big businesses must start, well, you know.

National Small Business Week’s tagline last week was “Dream Big, Start Small.” It’s come and gone. But its spirit stays, and for good reason.

According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses are responsible for:

  • 64 percent of new private-sector jobs.
  • 49 percent of private-sector employment.
  • 43 percent of all high-tech employment.

Which is why The Sidewalk takes this celebration seriously.

Take a look at our National Small Business Week newsletter, where we tell the story of a college student who started a now-thriving food truck from a 40-year-old police crime scene vehicle, offer a two minute small business marketing course, and much more.

We hope these stories of retail and restaurant entrepreneurship inspire you.

National Small Business Week newsletter



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