Eight Reasons to Upgrade to NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition

Did you know that you have two Silver point-of-sale apps to choose from? In addition to NCR Silver, there’s also NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition, which, as you likely guessed, caters to the unique demands that restaurateurs have.

It works on the same Apple iOS mobile devices that NCR Silver operates on, but offers targeted functionality. Take a look at some of its unique features:

Floor plans

Manage seating and server responsibilities with customized floor plans that mirror the layout of your restaurant. Employees can reference the tablet interface, and check table availability in real time.

Split checks

Split, run, combine tabs – anyway you want. NCR Silver Pro allows receipts to be resolved with multiple forms of payment,and split equally, or by item or by seat.

Happy hours and recurring events

Enjoy the ease of scheduling automatic deductions and special pricing on a specific day at a specific time. Home screen details provide reminders for the day’s promotions.

Multiple tablets

NCR Silver Pro enables your server to act as tether point to allow your iPads to communicate with each other. Intercommunicating tablets share tickets on hold, opened and closed checks and everything in between.

Delivery and take out

With NCR Silver Pro, delivery and take out orders are listed separately in their own queue. Rotate between delivery, take out and dine in with ease.

Automated to-go charges

Do you spend time or resources reminding employee to add a delivery charge? With NCR Silver Pro, delivery charges are consistent and applied automatically.

Inclusive taxes

NCR Silver Pro takes the work out of tax calculations by setting up the amount owed in the back office. Customers pay a set price, now there’s no need for change.

Modifier variations

NCR Silver Pro allows you to force minimum modifiers—like steak temperature, so your servers never forget to ask—and up charge with maximum modifiers. So you want more than four pizza toppings? That’s automatic extra.

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