Email Discounts, Offer Meal Plans and More with NCR Silver

Exciting news this week: We upgraded all of our software for iOS, as well as our web-based add ons. The new version 4.4 offers even greater functionality and a handful of bug fixes that can ease operations for businesses of every size.

Here are just some of the new features for each platform that you need to check out!

NCR Silver

NCR Silvers gives you the ability to be a one-man marketing team if need be, and the latest email marketing update furthers that mission.

Now you can add a barcode to any email offer sent from the back office. That means if a customer has received a discount via email, you can now scan it at the point of sale and add it to a ticket.

All you need is a compatible NCR Silver scanner.

NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition

Looking to incorporate meal plans into your business operations?

Whether you take bulk payment at a university, summer camp or other establishment, you are sure to love the new support for Custom Tender types. Custom Tenders can help close out delivery orders or tickets paid by any kind of meal plan.

You’ve also gained the option to use two cash drawers connected to one receipt printer. This means you can use one POS but assign a drawer to each employee – reducing fraud and the likelihood of a shortage.

NCR Silver Commerce

Does your website need an upgrade?

NCR Silver Commerce webstores now boast carousel banners in addition to a robust location page that includes map screenshots, links to driving directions and a searchable list of stores. If you run multiple locations and a customer searches your business, it will conveniently direct them to the nearest store.

NCR Console:

Just when you think NCR Console can’t get any more granular, it does!

We have added a new sales breakdown for Day to Day and Daily Summaries to provide more in-depth data.

Additionally, employee notes now show who created the note and provide a time stamp to show when the note was created.

These are just a few of the amazing upgrades packed in version 4.4. Let us know your favorite! For more details and the latest release notes, visit our Customer Care website.

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