EMV Chip Payments

Why Should I Make the Chip Upgrade?

EMV chip cards better protect consumers and merchants against fraud with computer chips that create unique codes for each transaction
  • Reduce your liability

    Liability for fraudulent credit card transactions has shifted to merchants who aren't outfitted with EMV chip technology.

  • Prepare for the future

    The NCR Silver chip card reader can accept Apple Pay and other contactless payment services with select processors.

  • Meet customer expectations

    Consumers are getting used to chip payments and will expect merchants to offer a more secure alternative.

You've Heard Things About EMV

Is your payment technology in the tape age, or the digital age?

NCR Silver EMV Benefits

A chip off the new block: Why NCR Silver EMV technology is a cut above
NCR Silver EMV chip card reader with stand.
  • Enjoy card processor freedom, as NCR Silver lets you choose which one to use.
  • You'll be ready to take EMV PIN payments.
  • Experience live 24/7 customer support and the award-winning Silver Concierge service.
  • Have NCR innovation and know-how in your corner.
  • Use a sturdy EMV stand built for the rigors of the real world.
  • Choose between black and white EMV card readers and stands.
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How to Upgrade to EMV Technology

Freedom, less potential for credit card liability and future-ready technology are waiting for you

With an NCR Silver EMV reader, customers swipe traditional cards using the swipe slot, or “dip” chip cards into the device.

With Apple Pay and similar mobile payment services, consumers place an enabled smartphone or smartwatch near the reader to complete a transaction.

To get started, order your NCR Silver EMV reader and heavy-duty stand. After you order your hardware, you'll receive an email with instructions on getting your new technology enabled at your store and with your card processor.

NCR Silver EMV chip card reader with stand in white.

Have More Questions About EMV Technology or the NCR Silver POS System?

Take a look at these FAQs
  • What devices does NCR Silver work with?

    NCR Silver apps work on Apple iOS 8 mobile devices, Apple iOS 9 mobile devices and the NCR Silver Quantum.

  • What’s included in my NCR Silver subscription?

    Your app, 24/7 LIVE customer support, the Silver Concierge service, regular software updates, integrated loyalty, email marketing, inventory management and more.

  • How much does NCR Silver cost?

    It starts at $79 per month. You can get NCR Silver with EMV service as low as $99 per month. NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition starts as low as $149 per month. Additional sites, devices and month-to-month subscriptions may cost more.

  • What do I need to make the EMV upgrade?

    First, your card processor has to be certified for EMV and your POS system. You can order your EMV reader and stand from NCR Silver. You can also set up your EMV monthly service through NCR Silver. Shortly after ordering, you'll receive email instructions on getting your new technology enabled at your store and with your processor.

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