From Chicken Salad to Cash Registers: Innovation Never Stops

In 2008, the founders of Chicken Salad Chick had a great recipe. What they didn’t have – yet – was a thriving business.

It took strategy – and grit – for a stay-at-home mom and software salesman to build it into one of the fastest-growing franchises in the country, on pace for 40 new stores annually.

Like any new thing, innovation doesn’t stop with the original invention.

The hardest part comes after – with adaptation, hard work and determination.

The Oilierie

 In 2014, for example, The Oilerie hit stagnant waters when the founder’s investment proposal was turned down on The Shark Tank.

It got worse when the olive oil retailer didn’t have the funds to support hundreds of requests from franchisees after the episode aired.

But he adapted to meet his cash flow constraints and now operates stores in six states with more on the way.  

The cash register

And when NCR marketed the first cash register in the 1880s, most merchants didn’t see a benefit.

They asked, “What’s wrong with just keeping cash in a drawer?” Bartenders, known for skimming the till, even lobbied against them!

By 1908, the cash register had finally caught on, due to revolutionary strategies that focused on market segmentation.

But … and it’s a big but … they cost as much as a Model T.

Fast-forward more than a century, you can now outfit a store with a POS system for the same price – and 1/30th the cost of a modern car.

As a franchisee, you have 130-plus years of innovation in your NCR Silver app.

You won’t stop innovating. Neither will we.

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