From Overtime to Red Flags, NCR Console Has You Covered

NCR Console now offers overtime alerts

Seeing your employees’ overtime hours after the fact is one thing. But what about having better command and control during the actual scheduling process?

Thanks to recent additions in NCR Console, you’re covered in this department. You also get weighted items improvements and new reports aimed at detecting red flags.

First, the overtime enhancements…

Overtime feature No. 1: Scheduled overtime costs

You can now see what your scheduled overtime costs are. These costs are included in the work schedule to give you a more accurate measure of planned labor costs.

Access this feature in the Work Schedule module and start planning better right away.

Overtime feature No. 2: Overtime alerts

NCR Console now offers scheduled overtime warnings

With this new feature in NCR Console, you can see that April and Don are scheduled for overtime.

Another enhancement is overtime alerts. As promised in a previous article, you can now receive warnings when employees are scheduled for overtime to quickly see and adjust any overtime. (Who OKd April to get extra hours, anyway?)

The warning indicator is adjacent to any employee’s name that is scheduled for weekly overtime. Click the warning indicator to view the total amount of overtime an employee is scheduled for the week.

Weight improvements

Sell items, such as yogurt, by weight? It’s now a whole lot easier, thanks to the fact that NCR Console auto-depletes your weighted inventory as it’s sold.

Of course, we had to throw in some data with that feature. It’s now included in the item-level Product Mix report.

The “PMIX” will display a “Weight” column if any items in the selected category include weighted item sales. The column is hidden if there aren’t any weighted item sales for the selected period.
NCR Console has added two features that make selling weighted items easier.

Red flag reports

We’re also happy to report that we have … new reports … all aimed to a large extent at detecting suspicious activity.

The Cleared Items report in particular will help in this regard. It gives you insight into items cleared from POS transactions to assess if inventory losses are stemming from suspicious employee activity.

So, let’s say that on average your team had two cleared items this month, while Billy had 10. Something may be fishy with Billy.

This report is available from “Other Reports” or it can be accessed by clicking through from the “Red Flag” report.

Cleared checks report: This gives you insight into checks cleared at the POS. View details such as employee name and check totals. You can also click through to view check details. The report is also available from “Other Reports” or it can be accessed by clicking through from the “Red Flag” report.

Price override report: This gives you insight into price overrides. View details such as employee name and item and discount totals. It’s available in the same locations as the other two reports.

That’s just a sampling of new features. (We have been a bit busy lately.) But we’re not stopping there, of course. If you have a feature request or improvement you’d like to see, ping us. Your feedback is greatly valued.

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