Get an Aggregate View of Your Business with NCR Console’s Executive View

Want to apply successful promotions or menu items to other locations, and take the “guess” out of it? The new Executive View within NCR Console can lend a hand.

NCR Console has always given you the ability to manage data, inventory and employees at many locations with one login, but the newly added Executive View provides aggregated reporting that enables business owners to take a holistic analysis of their company. Here’s how the new view translates the importance of the data collected at the point of sale across sites to you, the business owner.

Group stores and identify wins

Have you ever wanted to view a specific store group in a specific area? With Executive View, you can.

Now you can create your own groupings of stores for analysis, and slice and dice that big data to make comparisons across all sites. You can choose to segment stores by groups, areas or regions, and review sales performance year over year, identify sales trends, track item sales, compare labor costs, and so much more. You can even use that info for filtering reports.

The Executive View Sales report allows you to view sales by hour, day, weekly, by month, or by period, for any given period of time. You can also compare current sales to previous years with a click of a button. Clicking Breakdown allows to see how your stores compare to one another.

The Executive View Product Mix report allows you to view item sales by category or department for any given period of time. Click Trend to view category (or item) trends, Items to view item sales or Stores to compare category sales between stores.

Visually compare locations

Besides seeing where you were last year, where do you want to be this year? How close are you to achieving that goal?

Console Executive View comes with a wealth of standard reports, such as the Sales, Product Mix, Modifier, Discount and Labor reports, to help you make better business decisions based on results. You can even use past performance at various sites as a guide for where you are, where you have been and where you need to go.

The Executive View Discounts report allows you to view discounts for any given period of time. Click Stores to the right of a discount and see how stores compare to one another for that discount.

The Executive View Labor summary report allows you to compare labor hours, labor costs and labor cost percentages for all sites within one report.

The Executive View Summary report provides a site by site comparison of current and prior year sales, guest counts, average ticket totals, labor costs and labor cost percentages.

The Executive View Summary Report also includes a feature that allows you to create custom reports based off of available sales metrics, including product mix, labor, tender types, and more.  You will love the ability to share your custom reports with others and there is no limit to the number of reports that you can create.

Add prior year comparisons, sort columns and export reports with the NCR Console’s new Executive View.

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NCR Console is an add-on service that works with many point-of-sale systems, including NCR Silver and NCR Silver Pro Restaurant.

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