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Help Me Silver! Tip No. 1

We’re starting a regular series called Help Me Silver!, which offers a short, targeted tip on a weekly basis. 

Off we go...

Considering the time you put into your email campaigns, wouldn’t you like to maximize your marketing efforts? The NCR Silver point-of-sale system connects merchants to customers easier, with more impact, at no extra charge.

Here are three ways social media integration can put time back into your day, streamline marketing efforts and help build a community of customers.

Crosspost emails

Wouldn’t it be convenient to share your email campaigns on social media?

With the NCR Silver POS system, you can auto-post bulk email marketing campaigns to Facebook with just one click.

Track clicks

Social media sharing is fully integrated with NCR Silver. You can not only market to Facebook customers, but also track the performance of each campaign with ease.

Get followers

Would you like to encourage customers to follow you?

NCR Silver can help your business gain followers by giving you the option to include your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handles in the footer of any email, including receipts, thank yous and special deals.

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