Global Fitness Challenge on at NCR HQ

Can you conquer your health goals in ten weeks? This week, over 400 NCR employees signed up to challenge themselves to adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle with the NCR Global Fitness Challenge.

The annual challenge, founded in 2009, has grown from just two US-based IT employees to include thousands all over the world. Last year, total weight loss toppled over 2,000 pounds – with the top challenger losing 59 pounds in just 90 days.

This year, we’ve partnered with a host of sponsors, including Fresh n’ Fit, Flik, Exos, and Marathon Health, to get even better results – and make this year’s challenge the biggest ever.

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Registration powered by NCR Silver

Because the team didn’t want to buy t-shirts upfront and risk over ordering, they needed a point-of-sale system to not only register challengers, but also capture their t-shirt size and gender for later use.

Enter NCR Silver.

Our Silver Concierge team was able to set up the system to seamlessly process cash and credit card payments, as well as export a full list of participants with the quantities and sizes needed to send a print order to the t-shirt vendor.

Silver Concierge trained 17 volunteers to operate five checkout stations that report into one back office for consolidated reporting. (Photos: Candace Lee)

NCR Silver was used to process in-person orders, and also future orders for those that needed to save their spot and pay later.

Silver Concierge set up inventory to include item, size and gender for quick access at the point of sale.

Silver Concierge set up discounts for coaches and committee members for fast checkout.

NCR Small Business competes

Challenge on! Week one is off to a fast start with each team meeting their co-coaches to discuss plans for exercise goals, nutrition and general wellness. The NCR Small Business team, aka the Silver Liners, is led by our President & GM Chris Poelma, a former professional cyclist and avid runner.

Team Silver Liners with co-coaches Chris Poelma and Michelle Green in The Machine gym at the new NCR Headquarters in Midtown Atlanta.

“What’s good for you is good for the business,” he told the Silver Liners today. “The goal is not to lose weight or even inches, the goal is to transform your lifestyle into one that includes regular physical activity.”

Water is this week’s theme with each challenger working to increase their daily intake in addition to more exercise. In the coming weeks, challengers are looking forward to a kickball tournament, 2K marathon, outdoor boot camp, yoga in the park and so much more.

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Be sure to follow the progress of the Silver Liners on social media. We’ll be updating you on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @NCRSilver!

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