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Silver Register

You may have heard about Silver Register, the all-in-one, plug-and-play POS system from NCR Silver.

It’s a closed, POS-only system that offers features such as a built-in card reader, wired Ethernet for fast connections and much more. It’s an addition to NCR Silver’s long-standing POS solution on iPad and iPhone.

But we wanted to hear from someone who was involved with the product since its conception. So we recently sat down with one of Silver Register’s product manager, Sara Ford, to get her insight:

What do you see as the top benefits of Silver Register?

SF: I would say it’s locked down and you can’t go off and do anything else. Employees can’t go onto third-party apps. You’re just using it as a point of sale. It’s also retail hardened, which makes it durable for high volume stores where you’re running lots of transactions.

Silver Register

Business in the front, and back: The new Silver Register is a plug-and-play POS that doesn’t play games.

What makes it different?

SF: You’re able to run your business, not just process payments. It provides full featured reports and analytics.

Any software differences?

SF: The Register is built on Android. So there’s differences based on Android versus IOS, but in general the features are the same.

What caused your team to start developing Silver Register?

SF: We definitely had people who were interested in a mobile solution, but we also had others who were more interested in an all-in-one device, because mobility was not a concern of theirs.  This one has a card swipe and integrated stand. The USB connection is very reliable. Plus, you can still use your iPad or iPhone to take mobile payments. For some retailers, Silver Register was a better fit.

What kinds of merchants do you see clamoring for this?

SF: Businesses that are doing a very high volume of transactions and others that have multiple stores and may want to have more control over what employees access.

What’s another interesting POS feature?

SF: There’s one new feature on Silver Register called point-of-sale messaging. It allows someone to go into the NCR Silver back office and create a message that will display on the point of sale at whatever time you choose. If there’s important information that they want to let their employees know about, but they’re not going to be in the store at that time, they set the time and it displays on the point of sale like an alert. You can also set when it expires so it will disappear when it no longer applies.

Bottom line, if you run multiple stores and want a hardened device that does one thing — business — then you may want to look at Silver Register.

It offers true plug-and-play operability. Just open the box, turn it on, start accepting payments — and running your business — with pre-loaded software.

Have more questions? Call 877-630-9711 or let ’em fly below.

-NCR Silver

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