Holiday Gifting Made Easy with NCR Silver

The Holiday season is upon us, and this year the National Retail Federation projects gift givers will spend an average of $935.58 – slightly less than last year. Of that amount, the study anticipates 22.7 percent will be spent at local small businesses, with another 13.5 percent at specialty stores.

The conclusion of the election season is also a factor. NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay says now that it’s over, the holiday spirit will flourish.

“Retailers should prepare for a rush of consumers in the weeks following the presidential election as they get more economic and political certainty and are looking to take advantage of promotions and deals that are too good to pass up for their friends, family and even themselves,” he says.

In light of these facts, your store may be preparing for a spike in sales, but did you know returns also rise around this season?

Another 2015 NRF report concluded that retailers lose out on a whopping $63.05 billion in merchandise once the New Year arrives.

That’s why NCR Silver offers at least two options to make returns as painless as possible, and help Christmas shoppers and small business owners everywhere.

Gift Receipts giftreceipt-2

If your store specializes in gift merchandise, you will always benefit from providing gift receipts. With this feature turned on, customers can print out a gift receipt along with the regular receipt. This allows them to give a proof of purchase along with any gift without revealing the price paid or payment information.

Now any recipient has the option to make a return or exchange without notifying or inconveniencing the gift giver.

As an added bonus, when a gift is returned using a gift receipt, returns are expedited and the item is automatically applied back into your inventory with one click – thanks to a barcode that brings the exact transaction back up.

Simply scan it to find the original sales receipt and presto! The refund is processed and the original purchase price becomes available for processing onto a gift card.

Gift Cards

giftcardSpeaking of gift cards, 61% of consumers surveyed by the NRF said they plan to gift them, making them the most popular gift on the annual list. So you could avoid the potential for a return altogether by suggesting shoppers get store credit.

Gift cards are seamless with NCR Silver. Small business owners can purchase decorative cards from their processor or any gift card company to brand them as their own.

Once purchased, they can be loaded immediately at the point of sale with any amount for use at any number of locations. Simply enter the amount, swipe the gift card to load it and swipe it to take a payment. It’s that simple.

Gift card balance check at the point of sale is fully integrated with NCR Silver. You have the option to show the remaining amount at the point of sale and print it right on the receipt for your customers’ convenience.

Already an NCR Silver Customer? Here’s everything you need to know about gift receipts and gift cards.

*Gift receipt prompts can be setup to appear as an option for every sale, but the feature must be turned on in settings and the option will get bypassed if you have quick checkout turned on.

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