How a Kitchen Printer Can Drastically Improve Your Restaurant’s Efficiency

What else can you do to further improve operations? Your employees and customers both benefit from kitchen printer routing.

With a printer in your full-service or quick-service kitchen, you can communicate directly with the chefs at the point of sale. If you’re still handling handwritten orders, that’s unnecessary too. Here’s four more ways you can increase productivity:

Send clear orders

With this upgrade, you can set up multiple printing stations in your kitchen, route each part of an order to the appropriate place (such as “grill” or “fry” stations), and simultaneously send all items to an expediter station.

Merchants also enjoy the option to consolidate identical items on a printer or list each identical item individually.

Improve operations

Reduce order errors by facilitating clearer communication between your kitchen and wait staff. As an added bonus, special instructions appear at the top of the modifier list to mark importance.

Upgrade your NCR Silver POS system with a kitchen printer.

Upgrade your NCR Silver point-of-sale system with a kitchen printer.

Skip Bibb, owner of Nashville’s iconic Elliston Place Soda Shop, recently testified to a kitchen printer’s ability to increase efficiency.

“Silver made placing orders more consistent. Before, there were a lot of variants on how we would put orders in. Now it’s easier on the kitchen to execute because the tickets are printed in a consistent manner.”

Better serve diners

“Okay, who ordered the cheese fries?”

List this under scenarios that will never happen again.

NCR Silver Pro Restaurant edition, combined with a kitchen printer, gives your wait staff the option to list items by seat number. Now servers will know which diner ordered what, rather than auctioning off food as it’s delivered to the table.

Ease takeout and delivery

Thinking of adding meal delivery to your repertoire?

It’s seamless and simple to fulfill takeout and delivery orders with the ability to include customer information (such as name, phone number, address and target time) right on the receipt.

And if your practice is to attach the chit to a bag or box, you’ll be happy to know you have the option to print every purchased item on that ticket, but provide each kitchen station with its own separate requests.

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