How to Get Your E-Commerce Business Noticed on Cyber Monday

Competition is fierce among e-commerce businesses on Cyber Monday. Make your store stand out with these 5 pro-tips.
One of the biggest days in retail occurs online — find out how you can cash in on this shopping holiday. (Photo:

Cyber Monday — the Monday following the Thanksgiving holiday — is one of the most popular shopping days of the year.

In fact, according to data from Adobe Digital Insights, Cyber Monday 2016 was the biggest day in e-commerce history, with consumers shelling out more than $3.45 billion — a 12.1 percent increase over 2015 numbers.

This year, Cyber Monday sales are likely to continue their upward trajectory. Here are some tips from marketing and e-commerce pros on how to stand out and bring in huge sales on Cyber Monday this year.

Target your marketing to the right audiences

One of the first rules of effective marketing is segmenting your target audiences to ensure you’re using the most effective message for that group.

Michael Araten

Michael Araten, CEO of K’Nex, suggests using data that you have been collecting year-round to better understand consumer demographics for Cyber Monday. (Photo: Michael Araten)

Before Cyber Monday hits, look at your different customer demographics and create advertising that appeals to each segment, said Michael Araten, CEO of toy conglomerate K’Nex.

“Use the analytics you have already been (hopefully) using to understand where is the best bang for your buck,” he said.

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Maha Zeibak, founder and managing director of Vis à Vis Retail, suggested sending out targeted email campaigns based on a customer’s purchase history at your store.

“I would recommend retailers segment their users according to past purchases (by brand, by category or by style) and start letting them know what similar products are going to be on promotion,” she said.

Focus on social media

When consumers are looking for great Cyber Monday deals, their search will often include social media websites.

Maha Zeibak

“Encourage buyers to showcase what they are purchasing for a chance to win a larger gift.” -Maha Zeibak (Photo: Maha Zeibak)

One way to incentivize your audience on social media platforms is by offering discount codes for first-time customers to your e-commerce store, or holding an online contest with a unique hashtag.

“Encourage buyers to showcase what they are purchasing for a chance to win a larger gift,” said Zeibak.

She also suggested brands produce videos for Cyber Monday and reach out to online influencers to star in and promote. You can find influencers in your niche and start reaching out to them now by looking up who has a large fan base on social media sites.

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Partner with similar brands

Your small business alone may not be able to compete with the advertising dollars spent by Walmart, Amazon and other behemoths. But if you team up with other small business owners with similar target audiences, you can cross-promote each other and have a better chance at increasing your sales.

“Find a company that is similar to yours but doesn’t have conflicting products,” said Alissa Crane, assistant general manager of Canada-based drone retailer Dr. Drone. “[This approach] will widen your audience to theirs, which most likely falls into your targeted audience, and vice-versa. It’s a win-win.”

Extend your sale beyond Monday


Extend your Cyber Monday sale into a ‘Cyber Week’ to give customers more opportunities to buy in. (Photo: Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock)

Instead of limiting sales to Cyber Monday alone, many retailers are creating promotions for the entire “Cyber Week” to give customers more time to take advantage of their deals.

Adam Watson, marketing director for Hollywood Mirrors, suggested having a “Super Sunday” or “Fab Friday” sale in addition to your Cyber Monday deals.

Just be sure to publicize your extended promotion. “Send out [an] email newsletter announcing your sale early before everyone else,” he said.

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Share your bounty with a worthy cause

The day after Cyber Monday is called “Giving Tuesday,” and is a big day for non-profit fundraising. One way to leverage both days is by giving a portion of your profits to the organization of your choice, said Danielle Radin, founder and inventor of Mantra Magnets.

“Something I’m doing to stand out on Cyber Monday on my e-commerce site is donating a portion of my profits to hurricane victims,” she said. “This is a great way to stand out, while bringing awareness to a philanthropic cause and relief to victims.”

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