How to Market Your Auto Repair Shop to Women

Cater to distinct groups of female drivers in your messaging and promotions and you’ll increase your base of loyal customers.
Marketing your auto repair shop to women can be as simple as creating a family-friendly waiting area like Susan Moynihan did at her shop, Maxville Services. (Photo: Maxville Services)

Are you marketing your auto repair shop to women? If not, you should be. Women influence 85 percent of car sales and spend billions on repairs every year. Get them into your shop (and keep them coming back by giving them what they want) and you’ve just significantly broadened your customer base.

Here’s how to reach out to women in ways that resonate.

Address mom’s concerns


“In families, the dad might be more familiar with repair specifics, whereas moms often have really specific concerns about conveniences.” -Beth Carter (Photo: Beth Carter)

When Beth Carter, chief strategist at Clariant Creative Agency, based in Naperville, Illinois, was developing a marketing plan for an automotive repair shop, she helped the owners research who their best customers were. They found that young mothers were reliable, loyal customers who wanted convenience above all.

“In families, the dad might be more familiar with repair specifics, whereas moms often have really specific concerns about conveniences,” said Carter. “She’s being pulled in 15 directions any given day, regardless of if she works or is a stay at home mom. They really need a place that will be kid-friendly and allows her to get in and out.”

Attract mom drivers to your garage by advertising the conveniences you offer. Susan Moynihan of Maxville Services, a women-focused automotive shop in Woodbury, Minnesota, has seen success by promoting her kid-friendly waiting room, bathroom complete with changing table and in-house hair and nail salon.

Advertise where moms read

Carter suggested advertising in publications moms in the community read.

“If you want to try to reach a younger woman, such as a mom, the park district catalogue might be a great option for advertising. Promote your in-and-out convenience, along with a loaner car, if you offer one. Know what their pain points are, and have a rotation of that kind of message that you put out there,” said Carter.

Build relationships with retired women

Carter pointed to retired women as another smart target audience.

“Empty nesters and recent retirees are probably not buying a new car every year, so they don’t have a relationship with dealership, which means they’re more inclined to build a relationship with a local facility,” she said.

Female drivers in this category value trust above all else. “There’s been lots of bad publicity about seniors being taken advantage of by repair shops. For more serious repairs, seniors don’t want to go to a Jiffy Lube, they want to make sure they’re going to the right place.”

Marketing strategies for retired women should focus on the integrity of your shop. Carter recommended promoting how long you’ve been in business (if it’s substantial) and an excellent rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Social media is a prime place to advertise your garage to senior women. “Older consumers are one of the fastest growing segments on Facebook,” said Carter. “Post any kind of content that will make them confident about making a decision to get repairs from you.”

Offer discounts

Middle-aged women are often at a stage where they’re skipping luxuries, like new cars, in favor of saving for retirement or paying for their child’s college tuition. Carter said these drivers keep budget top of mind when repairing their vehicles.

“Coupons, sales and promotions can go a long way,” said Carter.

She suggested running a campaign coupon with a $5 discount on an oil change. The deal can be featured in local print advertisements, on billboards in high-visibility areas and on social media.

Court women with content

Go beyond discounts and coupons when you court women on social media, Carter advised. “If everything you’re saying on social media is one note, you’ll have a hard time rising above noise.”

Offer tips on how they and their older children can maximize the life of their vehicles.

“Anything to do with a teenage driver will be huge for this category. Write an article about ways to help your teenager learn about maintaining their car or what to look for when you’re buying your teen’s first car. It doesn’t all need to be repair or maintenance related. You want them to start thinking about you anytime they think of their car.”

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