How to Show Your Staff Extra Love on Valentine’s Day

Rewarding your staff on Valentine’s Day is going to boost morale around the workplace, but it can be hard to figure out what gifts are appropriate.
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Show your staff how much you care by showering them with a little extra love this Valentine’s Day. (Photo: Africa Studio/Shutterstock)

The holiday rush is past and your employees have certainly earned their keep: working long hours, dealing with stressed-out shoppers and doing their part to keep your business running smoothly.

If you’re looking for ways to say “Thank you” to your team, you’re in luck. Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, giving you the perfect opportunity to show your staff how much you care.

When it comes to employee gifts, “The number one rule is to personalize the gift to make it special,” said Michael Maxwell, partner at Blue Orbit Restaurant Consulting. “Never give a gift without a card, and make sure to include a handwritten note that is specific enough to let [your workers] know that you see and appreciate everything they do.”

Michael Maxwell

“Never give a gift without a card, and make sure to include a handwritten note that is specific enough to let [your workers] know that you see and appreciate everything they do.” -Michael Maxwell (Photo: Michael Maxwell)

By taking time to show your employees how much you appreciate them, you create a supportive and caring workplace culture and help foster loyalty among your staff. Here are a few ways to show your staff some extra love this February 14.

Consider a standardized gift

You want to show your employees that you care about each and every one of them, but you also don’t want arouse jealousy or send the wrong message.

“It is very important to have a culture within the company of respectful communication and encouragement,” said Spencer Chambers, owner of The Chambers Organization. “I would say, as a rule of thumb, you should celebrate all of your employees that are doing well equally,” said Chambers.

Like you would do at Christmastime or for an employee’s birthday, consider giving the same type of gift to everyone, such as a goody basket or gift certificate. Each gift can be personalized with a note or a card, or you could tweak each present or gift card to the employee’s individual interests, suggested Justin Lavelle, chief communications officer for BeenVerified.

For example, a 24/7 coffee drinker would probably love a gift card for a coffee shop, while the sweet tooth in your office might prefer one for a candy, chocolate or cupcake shop, he said. Or, the sandwich shop next door may be a good fit for the employee who goes there every day for lunch. Putting a little more thought like this into gifting can mean a lot to your team members.

Create a relaxing atmosphere for the day

woman getting chair neck massage

Give your hardworking employees a “spa day” at work by bringing in a massage therapist for the day. (Photo: wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock)

Show your gratitude for your hardworking employees while finding ways to tie the gifts back to Valentine’s Day. One idea from Maxwell is hosting a “spa day” for the team.

“Fill the room with aromatherapy, play soothing music, serve healthy smoothies midday and have a massage therapist come in to offer neck and shoulder massages all day long,” he said.

Give a donation to charity

Since Valentine’s Day is all about spreading the love, a neutral but thoughtful present would be to support a cause your workers care about, said Lavelle.

“If you have a small group, ask each employee via email to name a charity near and dear to their heart, then make a donation in their name,” he suggested.

Include the family

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Finding ways to include family in your Valentine’s Day festivities or gifts are a great way to show your employees some extra love. (Photo: klublu/Shutterstock)

Remember, your employees aren’t the only ones affected by their hard work for your company, so consider extending your Valentine’s Day celebration to family members as well.

For example, restaurant managers and waitstaff give up a lot of their personal life for their jobs. Their spouses, parents, children and pets are all impacted by the long hours they are required to put in.

“On the way out the door to their son’s football game, a party of 30 might walk in. On their wedding anniversary, the chef might get into an auto accident. And all summer long while all their friends take their kids to Disney World, the manager is likely at work,” said Maxwell.

Whether they’re invited to join your office party for heart-shaped cookies and Valentine’s Day candy or their partner’s name is included on the card, finding ways to include family in your Valentine’s Day festivities or gifts are a great way to go above and beyond. Perhaps have a catered dinner delivered to their house for a romantic night in, give a gift card for a movie date night or give them a gift clearly intended for the whole family.

“When the family is happy, your managers are happy,” said Maxwell, so go the extra mile and show your employees — and their families — some love this Valentine’s Day.

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