How to Use Quora to Promote Your Niche Expertise

You've worked hard to become an expert in your industry — share it with the world to boost your professional reputation.
Quora isn't just for answering questions. Try creating a profile for your business and communicate directly with customers. (Photo: PixieMe/Shutterstock)

When you have a question, where do you go to find answers? After an initial Google search, you may find yourself exploring the Quora Q&A website. With more than 200 million monthly users globally, Quora is an online forum that takes crowdsourcing knowledge to the next level.

In addition to posing your question to a global audience, you can also leverage Quora to boost publicity for your brand. By contributing relevant and helpful answers on the site, you can highlight your own expertise and expose your small business to new audiences.

So how can you make a great impression and gain publicity for your brand on Quora? Follow these best practices.

Deliver high-quality content

When people ask a question on Quora, they’re most likely looking for a deep-dive answer from an expert source. Resist the urge to make a quick, cursory post just to validate linking back to your small business website, and make sure the information you share is relevant, helpful and adds to the discussion.

First, search through topics related to your small business niche and see what topics you can speak to well. For the best visibility, find a question with many followers and write a thorough response that will help the user solve his or her problem.

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Lauren Fairbanks, partner and chief content strategist at S&G Content Marketing, advised business owners to “take time to provide useful, in-depth answers” and focus on areas where they have genuine expertise.

“This is where you share your personal expertise and how it qualifies you to contribute an answer. Great answers also provide detailed experiences and know-how to really provide a thorough response for readers.” -Lauren Fairbanks

“The best answers on Quora start by providing some context around the subject matter,” she said. “This is where you share your personal expertise and how it qualifies you to contribute an answer. Great answers also provide detailed experiences and know-how to really provide a thorough response for readers.”

Fairbanks also advised providing links to additional resources, such as your own content or other sites like Wikipedia to backup your answer or claim.

Limit self-promotion

If you really want to give an impressive answer that leads traffic back to your site, search for questions you’ve already answered in your small business blog. Respond to the question with a summary of your article, then include a link back to the complete post on your site.

The priority on Quora is to answer the question well, not to sell your business. Posting a link to your website is fine — so long as it is prefaced by a meaningful, well-thought-out response.

Keep in mind, Quora uses “nofollow” links, so adding a link to your website won’t improve your SEO ranking. However, posting a link can lead to more traffic to your site, which can, in turn, create more leads for your business.

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Monitor your online image


By creating a profile on Quora, you will be able to keep up with what is being said about your brand online. (Photo: Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock)

When you respond on Quora, you aren’t just representing yourself — you’re also representing your brand. To that end, make sure your user account is complete and provides a good picture of your expertise and business experience.

“To best utilize Quora to build brand awareness and thought leadership, start by creating a profile that details your expertise in your industry,” noted Fairbanks. “As part of your profile, you can also create blog posts that answer common questions about your industry or your company.”

It’s also wise to set up a Google Alert for “Quora” followed by your company name. Any time your company is mentioned, you will receive an email, so you can always be aware of what’s being said about your brand online.

Be respectful

Since Quora is open to everyone, you may encounter a question that seems very obvious or could easily found with a simple Google search, such as “Can hitting an iceberg really sink a massive iron ship like the Titanic?”

Fight the urge to make fun of the poster and his or her question, even if you have a really entertaining response. While it may be funny, it’s not a professional image for your business, and Quora may ban you for repeat offences.

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Engage in the community

Finally, engage with the Quora community by submitting your own questions, suggested Monika Pietrowski, marketing director at Content Kite.

“As a content marketing agency, we’re all about using Quora for ourselves and our clients,” she said. “Why? Forums are full of real people, with real challenges, asking real questions. We like Quora because it has a healthy volume of businesspeople asking business-related questions across most industries. Simply search your topic and you’ll see a range of questions come up that people in your niche are actually asking. If you have a specific question your own customers are asking, type that in and you’ll be able to get a bit more insight into the challenge.”

I tried this out by posting my own question on Quora: “How does Quora help people promote their business?”

Rebecca Dowden, marketing director at CrownTV, responded the same day: “Quora doesn’t necessarily promote your business so much as it can be a tool to establish yourself and your business as an industry expert through answering questions honestly and helping others.”

So is using Quora to highlight your niche expertise worth the time investment? According to Fairbanks, “Quora is a very targeted audience of professionals, so it might not be ideal for every small business. But for professional services companies, it’s an incredibly useful way to build thought leadership and demonstrate industry knowledge to a well-curated audience.”

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