If Your Employees Work Overtime, You’ll Love This Addition

NCR Console now offers overtime

Do you find that your point of sale doesn’t put in any overtime?

With NCR Console, it most definitely will … and you won’t have to pay a dime extra.

That’s because this point-of-sale add-on service, available in the Employee Management module, allows you to better manage employee hours.

You can easily enable the NCR Console overtime feature from “Store Settings.” You can then set it to time-and-a-half after 40 hours, or whatever timeframe and rate you need.

Bottom line, you’ll improve operational accuracy. You’ll minimize high labor costs. You’ll also be able to distribute labor more efficiently.

Soon, you’ll even get alerts when employees are about to make overtime. We can’t tell you exactly when, but patience, grasshopper … it’s coming.

Other features

  • Department sales reporting. If you have the NCR Silver or NCR Silver Pro Restaurant point-of-sale system, you can get even more granular about where your sales are coming from. If you have a pretzel store, for example, and also sell ice cream, you can separate both of them as a department.
  • In-interface chat. Now, you can chat with NCR’s super knowledgable agents 24/7 via the “chat” tab. (Yet another seamless feature to get you going quicker.)
  • Add and take inventory by category. Have a large inventory? Things are now easier for you. The feature also resolves page load issue for merchants with large inventories.

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What’s with the new name?

In March, NCR, a global provider of consumer transactions technologies, acquired CimpleBox. NCR Console integrates with a number of point-of-sale systems, including NCR Silver. For a free NCR Silver trial, click here.

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