Increase Tips with NCR Silver Pro Restaurant 4.1

Are you more likely to tip if given a suggested amount? How about if you’re under the watchful gaze of a nearby employee?

More than likely, you are for both scenarios.

According to Software Advice, 41 percent of respondents in a recent survey said they were more likely to fork over a tip when a cashier or server was nearby. And a recent Iowa State University study showed that tipping increased 38 percent after the adoption of a cloud-based POS system.

The newest edition of NCR Silver Pro Restaurant – 4.1 – is here and it contains a number of useful upgrades. Chief among them: Tipping guidelines on checks.

Just one of the many new features in NCR Silver Pro Restaurant 4.1.

This optional feature allows you to print a message along with three tipping percentages. An example of the text could be “Suggested tip” and 15%, 18% and 20%.

It can be set up in the back office under “Store Configuration.”

We didn’t stop there, of course. Other features help you with employee management and sales reporting.

tipping-guidelines-checkMargin calculating. Now, you can calculate a margin from sold price in your Item Sales report.

Employee list report. Have all your employees’ info, such as email addresses, in one spot, and print it.

Faster shift change. If you’re using the NCR Silver Pro Restaurant app in “Quick Service” mode, you can now transfer open orders to another cashier during the End Shift process.

Separately from this new release, NCR Silver servers – already tops in the industry – are in the process of being upgraded. Not only will they have more capacity, they will also communicate to the secure payment gateway more efficiently.

Have a feature or improvement you’d like to see? Make sure you respond to our surveys. Developers take your feedback seriously.

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