Jake’s Ice Cream Cashing In On Neighborhood Revitalization, NCR Silver

Conveniently located on Atlanta’s BeltLine — a popular walking and cycling trail — the Irwin Street Market is home to a cooking school, a juice clinic and a staple of the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood — Jake’s Ice Cream.

There since 2005 before major renovations occurred to a neighborhood known for being home to Martin Luther King Jr., Founder Jake Rothschild had no idea it would be the trendy hangout spot that it’s become.


Jake’s Ice Cream, Atlanta, Ga.

In 2003, he told the Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News, “We are going from a scrap-metal yard, three crack houses and a body shop to this gorgeous development.”

Now amongst hip art installations and weekend crowds looking for a cool down, the line for Jake’s Ice Cream regularly goes out the door. Crowds are so large that they go the extra mile to shorten wait times for sorbets and ice cream made in-house in their very own dairy kitchen.

For everyone’s convenience, employees are able to ring up customers in line with an iPad and a pocket printer, thanks to NCR Silver.

Jake's Ice Cream features flavors like "Chocolate Slap Yo Mama", "Yo Daddy's Vanilla", "Hot Sexy Mexican", "Kiss of the Leprechaun" and "Diesal Fuel" are made in house and egg free.

Jake’s Ice Cream features flavors like “Chocolate Slap Yo Mama”, “Yo Daddy’s Vanilla”, “Hot Sexy Mexican”, “Kiss of the Leprechaun”, “Diesal Fuel” are made in house and egg free. “Pupscream” is made special for four-legged friends.

Market powered by Silver

When customers attend cooking classes at Irwin Street Market, Director of Retail Tony Campolo says he always asks the most talented students about their future. More specifically, “What are you going to be using for ringing up your customers?”

Irwin Street Market, powered by NCR Silver.

Irwin Street Market, powered by NCR Silver.

That’s when he demos NCR Silver.

He says, “I show them basically what I show new employees and they’re like ‘Wow that’s really cool.’ The fact that the printer is Bluetooth. The fact that if the system goes down it still allows me to ring customers until the system reconnects…and I can limit the dollar amount on the ticket when the system goes down.”

Campolo’s got intimate knowledge on the system that he chose for its simplicity. That’s because it was so easy to set up that he did it himself.

“It was very user friendly for the employees. The support team is phenomenal. The fact that it’s so easy to actually go into the back office and change a price or divvy up reports made it the right choice.”

Tony uses Silver every day to pull reports like the store summary and item sales to send to Owner Jake Rothschild.

Tony Campolo uses NCR Silver daily to pull reports like the store summary and item sales to send to Founder Jake Rothschild.

Right now they use reporting to find out what’s working on their current menu and what isn’t. Once their menu expands at Doctah Mojo’s Juice Clinic, an organic and gluten-free juice and smoothie shop next door to Jake’s, he plans to track inventory at the ingredient level.

More than just ice cream, Irwin Street Market uses the NCR Silver POS system to sell fresh baked goods, salads and more.

More than just ice cream, Irwin Street Market uses the NCR Silver POS system to sell fresh baked goods, salads and more.

“We love that we’re able to pull a 365 inventory of what we sold. For example, the ‘Super Good Salad’ outsold our other four salads five times over. So we knew it wasn’t any use to have the others,” he says.

They also use Silver for pop ups and traveling. This weekend, they’ll be at Piedmont Park for the Ice Cream Festival, and they’ll be using Silver to go mobile.

Paying it forward

Jake’s Ice Cream was the very first shop in Rothschild’s Irwin Street Market, and they’ve used its success to help other potential small business owners get their start.

Irwin Street Market in Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward.

Irwin Street Market in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward.

The presence of a 20 below freezer has made them a desired community kitchen for rent.

“We are glad to be an incubator for small companies looking to get started with very little financial investment, but we’re very picky about who we choose,” he says.

Their success stories? They count King of Pops and Pure Abundance among them.

Even as they work toward helping others, Jake’s Ice Cream is looking forward to expanding with NCR Silver— Owner Sandy Houdeshell and Rothschild are opening a second Jake’s Ice Cream in East Point, Georgia, this summer. Find the location nearest you here.

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