sweetFrog Keeps Sales Sweet with NCR Silver

Three years ago, sweetFrog franchisees Austin and Brad Anderson had had enough of expensive point-of-sale systems that were even more costly to troubleshoot and repair.

As experienced franchisees, the father-and-son duo had already forayed into entrepreneurship with three Sports Clips stores, which was when they happened to stumble upon a sweetFrog location for sale in Palestine, Texas, they jumped at the chance.

sweetFrog keeps sales sweet with Silver.

sweetFrog uses a Mettler-Toledo scale to weigh frozen yogurt. The best part? It’s fully integrated with NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition.

Austin recounts, “My dad loved going to sweetFrog because of the atmosphere. The vibe matched up with what we do as a family, as well as the company values. We also enjoyed how it impacted kids.”

That’s why they went ahead and made the decision to enter into a new deal with a different franchisor.


Fro-yo anyone? Sweet Frog Palestine just celebrated its third anniversary.

“We ended up buying that location in Palestine as a trial deal. It went so well that six months later, we decided to build locations in Jacksonville and Tyler,” he says.

As the team was building the third location, they began experiencing increasing problems with their old POS system. That’s when they decided to explore opening with a more modern point-of-sale system. Specifically, NCR Silver.

“In the first month, we really enjoyed the simple process. Everything was very easy to use and setup. So we decided to change the other two stores and it’s been a huge upgrade for us ever since,” Austin says.

Here the long-time business owners site the top three reasons why the NCR Silver POS system has made all the difference in keeping fro-yo sales sweet and maintenance time short.

Customer service

With the Andersons’ previous system, they ran into a problem that rendered their credit card processor inoperable for weeks.

Austin explains, “Credit cards were processing offline for about two weeks. You’re supposed to be able to call in and get help, but when we went through the normal process, they finally said it was going to cost $2,500 just to send a technician out for a 30-minute fix.”

This is why NCR Silver’s 24-hour customer care, and remote help services were an instant game changer.

“When our previous system had problems, I easily spent 10 to 15 hours just on hold trying to get to the right people. But with NCR Silver, when we’ve had issues and questions about installation, Brian from the Franchise team and everyone down at NCR has been great with getting back to me that day.”

The Andersons operate multiple sites using the NCR Silver point-of-sale system.

The Andersons operate multiple sites using the NCR Silver point-of-sale system.

Multi-site customization

Previously, the Andersons had become accustomed to managing their three sites as individual entities. But with the help of NCR Silver, they were able to have all three sites setup in the back office for them—with one login.

“Everything has been a lot simpler. Multi-store setup allows us to see all stores and compare, or break up individual stores and see each location’s sales or discounts. It saves time because now I can make a change and the system applies it to all locations. Before I had to be at each individual store to do all of that.”

Since NCR Silver is cloud based, the Andersons are even able to have insight into store sales and employee activity from anywhere. This also gives sweetFrog’s corporate headquarters the functionality to go in and pull reports up to the minute, as needed.

“NCR Silver has been helpful because I can go in and put in discounts, make an employee user role or wage change, update the menu and even enable certain discounts for all three stores. I can do all of that from anywhere, even right from my computer at home.”

Ease of Use

When it comes to an easy–to-understand point-of-sale system that you can install yourself, Austin says look no further than NCR Silver.sf2

“If you don’t want to spend the money to switch and train employees, it’s a very easy system to learn. All of my employees picked it up in a day because most of them are young, so they’ve grown up with smartphones and iPads.”

NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition, paired with NCR Console and a Mettler-Toledo scale, currently powers nearly 70 sweetFrog locations nationwide.

Are you a sweetFrog franchisee looking to make the switch? Let us know!

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