Keeping Score with NCR Silver 4.2

From the introduction of the Silver Scoreboard in NCR Silver Pro Restaurant to inclusive taxes in NCR Silver core, the newest versions of these POS apps are designed to make things quicker for your everyday use.

NCR Silver Pro Restaurant

Silver Scoreboard

Ever wish you didn’t have to go into your back office to see how sales were doing? Now, thanks to the optional Silver Scoreboard, you can see data such as net sales, the number of transactions, labor percentage and voids – at a glance – at the point of sale.

It’s a great way for restaurant managers to find critical information quickly. But we also understand you may not want that information available to all employees. To disable it for certain user roles, simply log in to the back office and disable the “POS Settings” permission for that user role.

Check it out on your POS homepage.

POS favorites

This feature is a great way to organize your best-selling items into one category. If you sell alcohol, for example, and you want your top five beers, most popular mixed drinks and top apps grouped together, you can designate those items as “favorites.”

We’re convinced this feature will become one of your favorites. Just go to your Categories & Items menu and look next to Availability.

NCR Silver core

Cash rounding in NCR Silver 4.2.

Cash rounding

Sometimes, nickel and diming can be a good thing.

Now, you can round up, or down, to the nearest 5 cents, 10 cents or quarter, thanks to the new cash rounding feature.

You can activate this optional feature on the Payment Methods page in the back office.

Inclusive taxes

If you ever thought about including your taxes in the total price, this feature is for you.

Not only is it convenient for businesses like food trucks that need the fastest-possible transaction times, but the data is also reflected in your reporting. Turn this optional feature on under the Add New Tax Category.

Didn’t get a feature you were pining for? Don’t fret. While we can’t incorporate every request, you do have an opportunity to make your case known every time you fill out a monthly survey. Our development team takes this feedback seriously, and often includes features based on these responses.

Keep an eye out for that email. A real, live person will read your comments. (We promise.)

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