Learn How to Set Up Your NCR Silver EMV Reader

If you’re seeing this, you might be thinking of upgrading to EMV, or chip, technology.

Did you know that if you order EMV hardware and service from NCR Silver, you’ll get to choose your own card processor?

Other benefits include:

  • The ability to choose white or black EMV hardware to match your iPad’s aesthetic.
  • Product durability — the rugged design withstands the rigors of real-word retail and restaurant environments.
  • Debit-ready technology to potentially save on transaction fees from your processor.

In this video, NCR Small Business’ Mark Critchett explains how your store or restaurant can set up EMV. He runs down not only how to pair your reader with your iPad but also how to accept a chip card transaction. In addition, you’ll see what comes with your EMV bundle.


Ready to start thinking about adopting next-generation card-payment technology and better security? Then take a look at this video.

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