Make Better Data-Based Decisions with New NCR Console Reports

NCR Console has been updated, and includes a number of new features that make it special. In this version, we’ve focused on providing even bigger data, and included a few tweaks based on your feedback. Read on to learn about everything that’s new.

Schedule enhancements

Did you request to see labor costs applied to sales reports charts? We heard you and we’ve added labor costs into the Sales Reports.

Have trouble managing a large group of employees? You can now sort your employee list by last name, view your work schedule by last name and even hide inactive employees.

Looking to cut back on the amount of time you spend making sure you’re fully staffed? Now you’ll never have to wonder if approving vacation means you’re down a cashier or cook. That’s because you can restrict cover shift requests to employees with the same position to avoid confusion.

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For your convenience, we’ve also added previous day to the Labor Performance dashboard tile. With one click of a button, you can get a quick snapshot of your labor cost percentage for a previous day and compare it to your labor targets.

Non-revenue item support

If you’re using NCR Silver (or another point-of-sale system) to track non-revenue items, you’ll be happy to know that this line item now appears in the Daily Summary report.

We’ve also created an entirely new Non-Revenue Item Sales Report that details items like charitable donations and delivery costs. Handy for the holidays, tax preparation, calculating losses on free shipping, identifying overstock and so much more.

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Payout additions

Speaking of new reports, we’ve also added a Payout Comments Report. Now you can make your bookkeepers and CFO’s happy because instead of having to guess the reason for a payout, this report enables you to see the exact reason and any associated notes. Hope this helps!

New pop ups

Are you reporting on deal-of-the-day payments like Groupon or delivery services like Grub Hub? Great, you’ll love NCR Console’s new Custom Tenders update. Now you can report on these payment methods separately and you’ll see a popup that displays which one was applied at the point of sale on the Daily Summary and Tender Type Report.

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Best of all, with these upgrades there’s no software for you to update. We’ve already done it for you. Simply log in!

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