Meet the New Commerce Station for NCR Silver

NCR Silver Quantum is here, and it’s packed with innovative features that improve business operations and give your checkout counter an instant upgrade.

That’s because the new commerce station clears the usual clutter of a scanner, credit card reader, customer display, and wires, and replaces it with one futuristic, eye-catching piece of hardware. Here are just a few great benefits that has merchants everywhere upgrading to all-in-one point-of-sale system.

Get up and running in no time

“Quantum combines powerful, easy-to-use NCR Silver software with hardware unlike anything on the market today,” says NCR Small Business President and General Manager Chris Poelma.

Equipped with a Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet, the commerce station is powered by the same great NCR Silver app on Android. And you can depend on the same powerful back office functionality that offers insight into your operations to help you make better business decisions based on past results.

Improve the customer experience

We know that improving the customer experience is a top priority for small business owners. Now not only can you save cashiers serious time, but you can also give shoppers and diners instant interaction right from your point of sale.

Quantum’s customer-facing, touch-screen display and its integrated credit card reader offer an innovative and secure way to improve the checkout experience. The integrated Ingenico payment terminal gives you the ability to accept both mag stripe and chip credit cards, as well as NFC payment options like Apple Pay.

Scale as big as your dreams

Quantum also provides USB ports for connecting to additional devices (like a printer or cash drawer). And thanks to its compact design and built-in, back-up battery (that offers 10 hours of cordless operation!), you can do business from anywhere without sacrificing mobility for functionality.

If you haven’t heard about our Total by NCR Silver bundles, click here. With Total, you get all of the software, hardware and services needed run a successful business – in person and online. And it’s all for one low ongoing monthly payment.

Get at Total Quantum bundle while it’s hot by contacting us here, or giving us a ring at 877-630-9711.


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