NCR Silver Introduces Scale Integration


Do you manage a shop that sells yogurt, ice cream, candy or groceries? Have you ever thought about selling weighted items?

If you do, NCR Silver‘s newest scale integration is for you.

Accurate sensors provide an intuitive weighing system that’s fully integrated. The economical NCR scale — which can be bought from NCR Silver — has a super compact design to make it easily portable. It’s also powered by batteries for super mobility.

The system measures item weight and automatically transfers the information to the POS system, which calculates the price for you.

It knows whether you’re using a container or cup with your weighted items because it factors in tare weight by automatically subtracting packaging for accuracy.

If you prefer manual entry, the comprehensive scale can do that too, with some user role restrictions. And if you prefer bigger hardware, we can help you select a higher-end Mettler Toledo-brand scale, which also works with NCR Silver.

Grams, kilograms, ounces and pounds are all supported with a max weight of 15 pounds. Connect through bluetooth or Ethernet on iOS (Apple devices) and USB for NCR Silver Register on Android.

This integration comes with the NCR Silver 3.10 app release. If you’d like to learn more about how an integrated scale can work for your store, give an agent a shout at 877.630.9711.

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