NCR Silver POS Keeps Lines Short and Sweet at New Branford Bakery

Co-owners Sarah and Donna Seward at the grand opening of Sweets on Main in 2017.

Having your mom around when you start a business can be very rewarding. It’s also what makes Sarah and Donna Seward a sweet mother-daughter duo.

As co-owners of Sweets on Main in Branford, Connecticut, together they’re pursuing their mutual passion for baking and entrepreneurship.

“My mom and I decided to open the business together because I have a strong background in business and she’s a professional pastry chef and we love to be together so it just worked out really well,” says Sarah.

The Sewards have always celebrated life’s joyous occasions with food (especially desserts!) and truly believe that good eats brings people together. So it was no surprise when they opened Sweets on Main a year ago. Now they bake fresh goods daily – completely from scratch – with locally sourced ingredients.

Read on to learn how the NCR Silver point-of-sale system is helping them keep profits rising in and out of their store.

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It gives them flexibility

Sweets on Main provides a sweet fix at the local Branford Festival.

From baking pastries to catering events to beginner’s baking classes, Sweets on Main offers a variety of ways to enjoy delicious sweet treats. They also love to pop up at local events.

“We really enjoy participating in community events and the local farmer’s market, so occasionally we’ll have a pop-up shop around town to sell our pastries,” says Sarah.

NCR Silver also helps Sweets on Main enable order ahead services for customers who are planning a party or need a cake for a future event, such as a wedding or birthday.

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It tracks customers and inventory

Another benefit that Sarah loves is the ability to collect customer information. NCR Silver allows Sarah to easily track customers from the point of sale and market to them via email. This way, her VIPs are always aware of promotions and company news.

Sweets on Main uses the NCR Silver point-of-sale system to sell treats…and tees!

Speaking of promotions, they also use NCR Silver to decide what to discount. A quick review of their sales in the back office always reveals top-selling items and when stock is running low.

“We love having the ability to keep track of sales from anywhere,” says Sarah.

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It simplifies employee management

All employees at Sweets on Main start the day by clocking into NCR Silver. This allows Sarah to keep track of hours worked and streamline her payroll duties by transfering hours directly into her payroll provider QuickBooks Online.

“We love having the employee time clock,” says Sarah. That’s because it’s one of the many features that has simplified the details of starting a business.

“For anyone looking to open their own bakery or small business, just go for it because despite the hard work, there are tools that make it easier, and it’s certainly

St. Patrick’s Day at Sweets on Main, anyone?

rewarding and so worth it,” says Sarah.

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Shop Small in Branford

This local bakery is open between 8 AM to 5 PM, Tuesday to Saturday if you’re in or around Branford and looking to #shopsmall for St. Patrick’s Day. Try the holiday macarons and tell them NCR Silver sent you!

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