NCR Silver Powers this Retro Arizona Arcade

The Lovato family in Mesa, Ariz., is giving the classic video game a revival with StarFighters Arcade.

Its mission is simple: With titles ranging from Centipede to Spy Hunter, the business aims to promote, preserve and protect the vintage arcade gaming genre for new generations to enjoy.

While the owners are all about retro video games, they wanted a modern cloud-based tablet system to power the arcade. Co-Owner Kathy Lovato chose NCR Silver to ring up sales and power their membership-based club, stressing back-end reporting and flexibility as major differentiators.


Patrons of StarFighters Arcade in Mesa, Arizona, love the retro video games. The arcade chose a modern POS system — NCR Silver — to power sales, reports and more.

“As we had no previous retail experience when opening the arcade, we chose NCR Silver because it truly is an all-in-one solution,” she said.

Blending the past and the present has inadvertently served as a technological history. The presence of the cutting edge POS system alongside iconic artifacts known for quarters and joysticks highlights just how far technology has come.

Lovato says NCR Silver has taken over a great deal of jobs on both the front and back end. The company uses the iPad POS to capture admission, manage the consignment of vintage video game machines, promote special events, engage on social media, keep customers up to date via email, and sell concessions and merchandise.

They have even created a tournament button within the platform that allows them to easily manage nightly competitions.

“The solution takes care of the technical matters involved in running our business, so we can focus on giving our community the chance to enjoy classic video games as much as we do,” she says.

Want to get in on the fun and “play the games you loved and discover what you never knew you missed?” Find out about their upcoming events here.

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