Video: Paychex Integration is Here

Silver Bullets

If you’re a small business merchant, you have many technology tools at your disposal: Time management, loyalty, marketing, human resources, mobile point of sale and more.

But all the tools in the world will still make running your business difficult if they don’t work together seamlessly.

Which is why NCR Silver has recently integrated with a number of popular programs. The most recent, available with NCR Silver 3.9, is Paychex integration.

Now, NCR Silver merchants who use Paychex can export a time clock report in Paychex’ required format for more seamless payroll management.

In this short “Silver Bullets” video, Ebony from Customer Care explains how this new feature can help you run your business better.

If you’re a Paychex customer, or are wanting to be, this is the update you’ve been looking for.


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