Perfect ‘Hold and Fire’ Course Timing with NCR Silver Pro Restaurant

Improve the customer experience and optimize employee management with a simple software update. NCR Silver Pro Restaurant 4.8 is available now for download from the Apple App Store. In addition to bug fixes, we’ve also added some great new features.

The best addition? Now you can put timing in your servers’ hands. Starting today you have the option to give your wait staff the power to send items to the kitchen by course. Pacing soups, salads, main courses, desserts and even drinks has never been so easy!

As a gentle reminder, tables will now blink on every terminal in the restaurant to let servers know there are still held items that need to be released from hold and sent to the kitchen.

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Ready to try it out? Find this new option when you swipe right or tap on any ticket item on the point of sale.

Coming soon to a tablet near you…

The first rule of PIN code is that there is no PIN code. If you follow one of the most important commandments of PIN codes, you know that you absolutely must keep your PIN code confidential.

But when an employee needs manager-level approval for a transaction…or when it’s time to clock in for the day, sometimes it can be difficult to hide from prying eyes. That’s why with version 4.8, we’ve also laid the foundation to increase security.

Currently, said codes are management’s last lines of defense against employees taking actions like voids and refunds without approval. The swipe card will add an extra layer of protection to keep codes locked down. It also is much faster than simple PIN entry – especially when it comes to clocking out for the day.

Even better, it will work with the MSR you already have attached to your system – no need to buy any additional hardware. Ready to unpack the power of the latest and greatest version of NCR Silver for restaurants? We recommend you update after business hours to avoid any potential disruptions to your operations.

If you need help, please email, chat with us in the back office or text or call us at 877-270-3475. (Please note: We’re very sorry to say that Customer Success does not have access to your Apple ID and password, )

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