NCR Silver Scale Options

Looking to Add a Scale?

Whether you run a farmer’s market, or a frozen yogurt shop, you can easily weigh and price items using your NCR Silver Pro Restaurant app.
  • Fast transaction speeds

    Frozen treats? Fresh produce? Whatever the item, weight is sent to your POS system for quick checkouts.

  • Automatic calculations

    NCR Silver can easily determine your tare weight by subtracting your packaging's weight. No math needed!

  • Super easy scale set-up

    Whether you're a technocrat, or a technophobe, NCR Silver customer support can help get your scale set up, 24/7.

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Two Attractive Options to Weigh

As an NCR Silver Pro Restaurant user, you can choose between a 30-pound scale as well as the gold standard Mettler Toledo.
NCR Silver 30-Pound Scale

$599 -- This stout scale for NCR Silver Pro Restaurant users is perfect for grocers, frozen yogurt shops and other retailers. Built like a tank, it has two displays and a 12.5-inch weighing surface. Available for pre-order. Certifications with may vary.

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Mettler Toledo Ariva-S

$1,049 -- Attractive with a low-profile design, NCR Silver Pro Restaurant app users depend on the Ariva-S for super-efficient checkouts and amazing accuracy up to .07 ounces. Choose between a tall and short display. Fully certified with the POS app.

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Meet the NCR Silver Family

There's a lot more to choose than just point-of-sale scales -- including additional hardware, POS apps and add-ons.
  • Hardware

    Your new scale needs company. Choose an iOS (Apple) device or the NCR Silver Quantum. You can also add anything to your POS system, from EMV readers to barcode scanners.

  • NCR Silver Apps

    You have two iOS point-of-sale apps to choose from: NCR Silver and NCR Silver Restaurant Pro for eateries. An Android app is also available on the NCR Silver Quantum.

  • Add-on Services

    Supercharge your scale and point-of-sale experience with add-ons such as NCR Console, an advanced Web-based reporting and management service. You can also choose third-party add-ons.

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Need a scale? NCR Silver offers two attractive options.