NCR Silver Scale Options

Looking to Add a Scale?

Whether you run a farmer’s market, or a frozen yogurt shop, you can easily weigh and price items, thanks to scale integration from the NCR Silver tablet POS system
  • Fast transaction speeds

    Frozen treats? Fresh produce? Whatever the item, weight is sent to your POS system for quick checkouts.

  • Automatic calculations

    NCR Silver can easily determine your tare weight by subtracting your packaging's weight. No math needed!

  • Super easy scale set-up

    Whether you're a technocrat, or a technophobe, NCR Silver customer support can help get your scale set up, 24/7.

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Several Attractive Options to Weigh

As an NCR Silver user, you can choose a 15 pound or 30 pound scale as well as the gold standard Mettler Toledo.
NCR Silver 15 pound scale
NCR Silver 15-Pound Scale

$329 -- Portability and price point. Just two reasons to choose this scale. The GRS-30 connects via Bluetooth, can run on batteries, and is great for small items such as candy, coffee or tea. It's also fully integrated with your POS app.

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NCR Silver 30-Pound Scale

$599 -- This stout scale for the Android NCR Silver Register is perfect for grocers, frozen yogurt shops and other retailers. Built like a tank, the GRS-60 has two displays and a 12.5-inch weighing surface. Certifications may vary.

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Mettler Toledo Ariva-S

$1,049 -- Attractive with a low-profile design, NCR Silver Pro Restaurant users depend on the Ariva-S for super-efficient checkouts and amazing accuracy up to .07 ounces. Choose between a tall and short display.

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Meet the NCR Silver Family

There's a lot more to choose than just point-of-sale scales -- including additional hardware, POS apps and add-ons.
  • Hardware

    Your new scale needs company. Choose an iOS (Apple) device or the Android-based Silver Register. You can also add anything to your POS system, from EMV readers to barcode scanners.

  • NCR Silver Apps

    You have two iOS point-of-sale apps to choose from: NCR Silver and NCR Silver Restaurant Pro for eateries. An Android app is also available on the all-in-one Silver Register POS system.

  • Add-on Services

    Supercharge your scale and point-of-sale experience with add-ons such as Silver Console, an advanced Web-based reporting and management service. You can also choose third-party add-ons.

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Need a scale? NCR Silver offers scale integration!