Powered by NCR Silver, Meat N Fire Turns Up the Heat on Sales

“The most indispensable ingredient of all good home cooking: love for those you are cooking for.” Sophia Loren’s statement rings true for this family-owned business. Phil Downs, the original owner of Meat N Fire, found his inspiration to open a BBQ restaurant from his father’s open pit smoker and his mother’s homemade southern vegetables and biscuits.

Barbecue served fresh daily at Meat N Fire, powered by NCR Silver.

The St .Cloud, Florida-based restaurant was built on love and today is run by Downs’ immediate family – wife Linda, son Travis and daughter Crystal.

It’s also built with the power of NCR Silver, the only point-of-sale system Meat N Fire has ever used, and they plan to keep it that way.

“You can’t do it all by yourself. It takes a team to run a restaurant, and NCR keeps growing with us,” Crystal says.

Since the business opened four years ago, Meat N Fire has turned from a barbeque joint to a quick-service, takeout restaurant with twelve part-time employees.

Meat N Fire uses NCR Silver to ring up sales in the restaurant and on the go.

Here’s what they love about the system:

Ease of use

“I programmed the whole thing from LA, when I lived in California,” says Crystal, who found NCR Silver at the local Office Max and had it up and running the next day.

She was hooked by how simple and inexpensive it was and how she could change the back-office inventory from thousands of miles away, until she moved back to Florida.

Sales up with power down

When Hurricane Irma hit Florida last month, Meat N Fire was ready and equipped with their backup generator to keep the power running. They used NCR Silver’s offline mode to continue processing transactions without Wi-Fi, and kept business going as usual.

Unmatched scalability

Meat N Fire has one location; however, they have expanded to attending local festivals and barbeque competitions. The ability to go mobile allows them to advertise the business and turn a profit by meeting customers wherever they are.

They also use NCR Silver to email discounts (like $5 free with a $25 gift card for the holidays!) to customers from the back office, and market the business through Facebook and Instagram. Word of mouth among their loyal customers is also highly effective in their local community.

If you’re ever in Saint Cloud and looking to eat local, Meat N Fire is open seven days a week. Kids eat free every Tuesday and Thursday after 2pm! Click here for more information.

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