Scale Options Galore with NCR Silver

All you really need is a tablet, app and card reader to get started on NCR Silver.

If you need to weigh items, however, you’re in luck.

That’s because you can use two scales – the NCR Silver 30-pound model and the “Gold Standard” Mettler Toledo Ariva-S – with your NCR Silver Pro Restaurant app. The video above offers an overview of both.

EDIT: Note that we do not offer the 15-pound scale as of April 2017. Also note, certifications with the NCR Silver 30-pound scale may vary. Make sure you ask your salesperson for details. 

Like any technology, each one has benefits and unique uses.

Take a look at the video. And when you decide on your scale, we also have a video right here on how to set them up.

Yes, you can run a complicated retail environment with a tablet POS system, and you can even weigh items up to 30 pounds with one model! Is that heavy or what?

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