See How ‘Silver Fit’ These Six Merchants Really Are

NCR Silver fit

Do you ever get the feeling you’re not taking full advantage of your technology?

Over the next few months, you’ll be able to track the technology fitness of six merchants outfitted with supercharged software via the Silver Fitness Challenge campaign.

These lucky dogs include:

The merchants will take advantage of select modules of CimpleBox — for free — for six months. They’ll also receive one-on-one technology assessments and have access to advanced training sessions.

CimpleBox is an add-on Web-based service for NCR Silver that offers three optional modules including Advanced Reporting, Employee Management and Inventory Management.

It can help you slash labor costs, move more inventory and just know your business better. Some features include an integrated calendar, weather, sales intel down to the finest detail, automated forecasting, auto-scheduling, integrated texting, shift swapping and more. Many customers greatly appreciate the ease of use, especially since much of the data is available via one time-saving dashboard.

In addition to CimpleBox, the Silver Fitness Challenge will delve into advanced marketing functionality available in the NCR Silver ecosystem.

With labor, inventory, data and marketing under wraps, we think your business would be pretty fit.

Come back to The Sidewalk to see how these merchants are doing, and to see in-depth content on advanced functionality and tactics. If you’d like to take your technology to the next level, comment below, or email us at

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